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Top picks | Netflix

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I am finding it hard to get into a TV show, I am either waiting for the next series of a show to start or spend my day looking at what is on Netflix, and not actually watching anything. I do this every.single.time. There are so many choices however I do feel A LOT MORE could be added on. 
*Hint* Friends, Family Guy, Will & Grace, Malcolm in the Middle etc etc etc...

Please check out my top picks and let me know if you agree or if there is anything similar to what I've picked for me to watch. As I am in need of a binge.

Netflix comedy-drama


I LOVE THIS SHOW. Each season honestly gets better and better. The first season we see Piper as the main focus and dealing with life behind bars, as each season goes by, Piper becomes annoying AF, and we couldn't give a toss about her. What I love about Orange is how diverse it is, and every single character we meet is so enjoyable to watch. The only bad thing I could pick out (mainly my fault), is that I will watch it in about 3 days, then I would have to wait for a whole god damn year for the next one.

Comedy                                                                      ITS
Day man. Fighter of the Nightman. Champion of the sun, you're a master of karate, and friendship for everyone.

If you want to see randomness and Danny DeVito as a slob, this is the perfect show for you. There 12 seasons so this would keep you entertained for a good few weeks... you can thank me later. It is very well written and each episode will have you laughing in fits. Each episode and season will show the characters crack, fail in life and make a fool of themselves.

Netflix documentary
     ____ A ____   

Ya? If you want an intriguing documentary, with ten long hour episodes, this is the one to go to. You watch the first episode thinking what else can happen?! And trust me, so much more happens. Series 2 should be coming soon...and I need answers!! You will be watching this thinking WTF and getting angry with how messed up society can be.

Something British...
"Have you tried turning it off and on again?"

I adore British TV shows and could've chosen so much more, but firstly, the font matches well with it. Secondly, it is one of those you can just watch and find it just as funny as the first time. There aren't any other shows like this. This makes me want to work in IT and just play video games, and eat junk all day. From the loveable Moss to the sweet Richmond, it's genius.
P.s please don't watch the American version.

"Mrs D, Mrs I, Mrs FFI, Mrs T, Mrs U, Mrs LTY"

This movie puts you in the mood for pancakes and a MEGA chocolate cake. Who doesn't love this film? Another one with Danny DeVito, he has to be one of my favs for sure.  I can't get over how the film is 21 years old... WTF. I am not a huge movie buff, but I can watch this movie again and again.

I could pick a lot more but these are just a few to what I enjoy on Netflix :)

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