Monday, 28 August 2017

Life update | Dealing with a poorly cat

Hey everyone, I love reading peoples life updates or watching vlogs, and I just thought, why not do a little chit chat myself?! I tend to never write a blog post on my life update as I work full time. So this is more of a weekend update, and it's been a bit of a shitty one as Kitty, (my cat) has been ill.

As you can gather from my recent blog posts and if you follow me on social media, I adore my cat. He has been quite ill, with being sick most nights and not eating his food. It's hard having a poorly cat, as you have no clue what is up with them. Since moving house, I feel Kitty struggles to enjoy it here as it is very different to where he previously lived before. He was very much an outdoor cat, getting lots of exercises and fresh air, and now he just sleeps most days and is very lethargic.

My boyfriend and I work the same hours every week and Kitty honestly sleeps from the moment we leave to when we come back. Why can't I have this life?! He must be so lonely, I get that cats are very different from dogs, they don't need so much of the attention, but Kitty loves it. And I love it. With being asleep most of the day, this means he is super hyper at night. I'm not a huge sleeper, I mean I do love sleeping - who doesn't?! But I like to go to bed late and wake up early (I am weird like that), and I struggle to sleep much anyway. This week, however, I have hardly slept a wink, Kitty has been vomiting and crying most nights, It is honestly like having a baby, and I did not sign up for this life yet.

I was planning to do a blog post on how to deal with a poorly cat, but I have no clue on how you do deal with it. I am not an expert and wouldn't want to say the wrong thing. Luckily, we managed to get an appointment at the vets straight away and took him back to where he used to live. Unfortunately, Kitty was sick all in his cage on the way there. I got so upset seeing him ill, as we had a dog not long ago and she just suddenly died of cancer, we had no idea, and it happened all so quickly.  I never want it to happen again. It is the worst feeling ever. The vets said it could be constipation, Kitty hated being there and let's just say he is probably mentally scarred now but £53 later (so expensive!), we got the medication he needed.

We got back and finally got to start on Black Mirror, it is so messed up, but I am loving it. We played a little table tennis and ate so much food, as usual. Yesterday made me so happy, as Kitty was soooooo much better, he was eating again and seemed a lot like his usual self. I feel like a proud mother to a furry child. We have left Kitty to stay there for a few weeks and hoping he feels a lot better.

I hope for those that did read all of this enjoyed my chat and will keep you all posted with more updates and pictures of Kitty soon :)


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