Thursday, 31 August 2017

Get a good night's sleep with curtains & bedding

Who has a perfect night sleep every single night? I hope no-one has, as for me, it can be a real struggle. I am a little odd, I love going to bed late but also waking up early, but that doesn't mean I don't like my sleep. Sleep is very important, the evenings are longer these days and the warmer nights make it even harder to sleep.  It has come to my attention of how certain parts of the bedroom are important. From your bedding to your curtains, these may seem not a big deal to your room, but all these add up to complete your bedroom.  After a nap, I always feel terrible and wake up thinking it's 2020, this can be because we fall asleep in a bright room surrounded by many noises.

How curtains help in sleeping better

Curtains are a key part of the bedroom, they can complete a room in more than one way, firstly, they bring an overall aesthetic yet they also block everything, which brings a calming touch to the bedroom. Having a poorly choice curtain can make a huge difference, thin curtains would not do it justice, we don't want to wake up from a peaceful sleep with street lights blaring in our eyes at 3 in the morning. I get distracted way too easily!

There are many types of curtains however it's important for you to get the right one. I make sure I do a lot of research on the products I want, I want to be able to get something that not only looks good but for it to also last a long time and is beneficial for me. Since having my own house, I have become excited about the little things in life, like buying curtains. Pencil pleat curtains have stood out the most for me, you can just tell by the look of them that they do the right job for you, yet they can also make the room stand out. Pencil pleat provides an appealing style with fantastic coverage for your bedroom windows. They create a soft, ambience but an impressive look in your bedroom, the tight folds give a strong yet presentable look. Choosing the right curtains will become beneficial in many ways, for the newest pencil pleat curtain range see from Yorkshire linen web store 

Now that the room is looking peaceful, we need to make sure that we're feeling comfortable in our bed. Nobody likes tossing and turning throughout the night. Having the right bed linen and bedding makes all the difference, we spend a lot of hours each day in bed so investing in the right bedding will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. Since moving in, I have become a tiny bit obsessed with looking at bedding.  I love a good stare when my bed is all done up, as for one, I am out of breath, but another thing is how beautiful and comfortable your bed can look, it makes it that little bit exciting to jump into bed. No-one ever said no to a duvet day. Here are a few of my favourites I want to share with you all…

They have a wide range, from shabby chic to vintage along with also having good down and anti-allergy duvets.

If you want a stunning bed linen and something a little bit different, Zara is the place to go. Their satin duvet covers are beautiful.

When it's done right sometimes crisp cotton with a touch of precious cashmere is all you need.

I hope I have inspired you on how to get a peaceful bedroom and have the perfect nights sleep every night now.

* This is a collaborative post with Yorkshire Linen


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