Monday, 14 August 2017

5 ways to make your new house feel like home

It has been over a year since I have moved into my first home and it has taken some time to make it feel quite like home. It can be hard moving, especially moving away from your hometown. I still have things that I want to buy but it's not going to happen all at once, and I think it'll take years to make it finally feel complete.

I wanted to share with you all how I made my own house feel like home...

Find your supermarket and takeaways
Ahh, food. I was so excited to see what supermarket and takeaways I would have and just as I moved we had Deliveroo too. It has been over a year though, meaning I do need to stop getting takeaways every week... but it's just so hard.  It definitely helps when you have a huge supermarket and a good few takeaways right around your corner, as when you don't have all the cutlery, plates and pans it doesn't make you feel that guilty getting a Chinese takeaway most nights.

Buy lots and lots of lamps

Before I got the house, my boyfriend and I bought the essentials - ASDA is the place to go. It was so exciting. It's crazy how excited you can get buying basic things like, cutlery and I just had to buy ten five lamps, because why not?! When I eventually moved in, each room just felt that little better.  I realised though that I did buy too many, and now have some spare waiting to be used on a rainy day.

Set up the internet. ASAP.
We had a week off with no internet, and the Amish life is not for me. You don't realise how much you actually need it. When you don't know how to work a complicated washing machine, I needed a tutorial.  It took a while to find the right provider and luckily, we have had no problems with it.  

Making your pet feel settled

I didn't bring Kitty over straight away, he has only been used to one home, and the thought of taking him away from that broke my heart. Once we had the essentials and we felt a little settled, it was time to bring him. We bought a cage which ended in a disaster, as we couldn't find the perfect size for him as it was too small, luckily we have the right one now - a dog cage. He was so scared when he first got here by hiding under the TV cabinet, but now, he loves it here. We made sure everything was perfect for him, giving him lots of food and making sure this is a safe home for him. It felt a lot easier when he was here.

Have a lazy day doing nothing

I started my full-time job as soon as I moved in, so it was unpacking boxes until the late hours. However, the second day at my job, I caught a bug. This made me feel slightly bad, as it was my second day. Despite throwing up every 15 minutes, it was kind of nice just doing nothing, and getting used to the house that I will be living in for a good few years.

Let me know if you agree or how you made your new house feel like home in the comments.


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