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What it's like living with a cat...

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A throwback of us.
I adore my Kitty. He is without a doubt the most beautiful little ball of fur. I wanted to discuss with you all what it is really like living with a cat, this is just what it is like for me, this may be totally different for anyone else who has a cat. I just wanted you all to know the good, bad and the amazing part of having a cat.

They're fussy
Let me know if your cat is fussy too, as I have heard this can be quite common. Kitty likes a different meal each time - no joke. You give him a lamb pouch for breakfast, no problem, give lamb for his dinner... its a no go. Even when I buy him a new type of meal, he will have a little sniff and lick, then leave his whole dinner. It has taken some time to learn what he likes best, though he can change his mind and hate Whiskas the next day.

Okay, this may be my fault here BUT when you have a cutie pie of a cat, how can you not treat them?! With him being a fussy pussy, I have spent a lot of money on new foods and stocking up on his favourites. I may be a little too excessive as every single time I go into a pet store, they like to say, 'is it your cat's birthday?'... this ends into an awkward laugh and saying 'sure'. It's his birthday every day.

It's like having a baby...
I want a nice peaceful sleep, do I get this with a cat? HELL to the NO. I'm not trying to put anyone off into having a cat but if you want to have a baby, get a cat first. Kitty wakes me up around 5 am, he starts by clawing the bed then headbutting me (it's so cute), and finally wakes me up for his breakfast. He can be naughty and has started biting my hair whilst I'm asleep, but this is just him being playful, I think. He cries a lot. I would get annoyed however he has the voice of an angel. 

Cat toys... what cat toys??
If you are considering getting a cat do not, I repeat, DO NOT get any cat toys. It's a waste. I bought Kitty two jungle gyms (cool name, right?) and he hasn't touched this at all. Bearing in mind, this was bought nearly a year ago, to which they are just now part of the furniture. He has played with an A4 piece of paper more times than his own toys, I have tried playing with the 'mouse on a string' with him, although he plays for a good ten minutes, he gets bored and just goes back to sleep.

They sleep, a lot. In random places.
I go leave work at 8 am and Kitty is asleep, I come back and guess what? he's asleep. I want this life. Kitty can be very sneaky and find a new spot to sleep in, which takes many hours and quite a few panic attacks to find him. He loves sleeping behind the TV, behind the bath and on my pillow. My favourite is on the stairs - it's so heartwarming to come home and find my little baby sleeping peacefully on the stairs. 

You forget they have sharp teeth and claws!
I do get carried away with Kitty, he is just absolutely adorable and he needs so much loving. I love tickling his belly and playing with him, though sometimes he does like it, then other times, he can attack the hell out of me. When we moved to our first home, he struggled a little - he was very much an outdoor cat, he would get a little agitated and bite my partners arm. Luckily, he has not done this to me, though as I said before, he has started attacking my hair in the morning. He thinks he's only playing but he does not realise, his teeth and claws are so sharp. I have been good at knowing when enough is enough, or he's just realised that he cannot be bothered to attack more, nevertheless, I adore him no matter what he does.

I hope you enjoyed reading what it can be like to have a cat, I would love to hear from you all what it's like having a cat? It can be a little frustrating at times but it is all worth it.




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