Monday, 17 July 2017

Dangers of driving in the summer

It's FINALLY Summer. I get it, we're not sunny Spain, we have, however, had exceptional weather this year. For those who are planning a road trip sometime soon or travel a long distance daily, it's important to check your car regularly. The cold weather can be a great danger to cars however the hot weather can put your car under a lot of pressure too. 

I have been driving for over a year now, and with it being summer, it can mean one thing... ROADTRIPS. Last week, I travelled to Cardiff, this was a pretty big journey for me, especially with it being around 200-miles. Before going ahead with the journey, not only did the playlist needed to be sorted, checking the car was the main priority.

I am not a professional. I don't think a lot of us are in when it comes to checking cars. Whether you've been driving for years or you're just starting to learn, we all need to check the car is in good condition. A lot of us cannot afford the 'dream car' straight away, especially your first one, most of us will have a hand-me-down. This means that you need to be extra precautious. 

There are many dangers when it comes to driving in the summer, here are a few examples of what could happen, and how we can avoid them.

Exploding tyres... 

A useful tip I could give is to take a spare tyre if anything does happen. The tyres can be damaged by many circumstances such as; high-speed driving, excessing cornering and frequent braking in the hot weather, this can cause for the tyres to heat up and can increase the risk of a blowout. The heated air inside the tyre can cause for them to expand and having old tyres can also cause this to fail.  

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Engine failure... 

With the school holidays coming and people booking off annual leave, there will be a lot of traffic, daytime can be the worse, and with your car just waiting around, your car can breakdown due to overheating. As we need water, the car can be just like us and would need engine coolant to survive, this needs to be a regular occurrence as it can lose its effectiveness. This can be the same for the oil, frequent changes to your oil will be beneficial to the engine and performance. 

Sun-glare and surroundings

A common danger can be from impaired vision from the sun. Always make sure your windows are clean by replacing the worn windscreen wipers, as a dirty window can cause the glare to be worse. The hot weather can mean an increase in motorcyclists/cyclists, make sure all mirrors are also clean and corrected in the right place along with your visors, to be able to see property with your surroundings.

Let me know if you're planning on any road trips this year.

Have fun and be safe!

Love MissJadeW 

*This is a collaboration post.


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