Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Ways to Calm Anxiety

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I have always struggled to talk about my anxiety. I've never been that comfortable talking about it to anyone. It has gotten a lot better, though sometimes it can just come back now and again. I suffer mostly with health anxiety; this is where you are constantly worrying about your health, and always assume it's far worse than it actually is.

Anxiety can affect anyone. Since the death of Chester Bennington, I feel like I shouldn't hide out anymore, it's heartbreaking not knowing how a person is feeling on the inside. My anxiety began when I started school, my hands would be sweating all the time... literally dripping. Then I started getting chest pains, thinking it must be some sort of heart attack, after being told by the doctor, it was just anxiety...the chest pain went. It became a horrible cycle. I would feel ill, so I would google that symptom and would assume that I'm dying. This became a part of my life and made me miss out on certain things.

I wanted to share with you all how I have tried to deal with it. I enjoy reading people's blog post on anxiety as I don't feel so alone.  Along with health anxiety, I also struggle with being 'social' and doing things that anyone can see as a 'normal situation'. I have recently tried to push myself, and it does make a huge difference, even if it's baby steps, someday you'll be able to do whatever you want.

Deep breathing
This has helped me out a lot. It took awhile to get grips of this as you can become easily distracted. I count each deep breath in my head and sometimes it doesn't work, though other times, my anxious thoughts would go. It can be a pain as I would think, 'my anxiety has gone'... and my worried thoughts would all come back. How annoying.

Whether that would be listening to music, watching a film or socialising with friends. Sometimes, the thoughts may be in the back of your mind, but why sit and dwell on something when you can just try and enjoy life?! Watching television was my comfort, certain shows became a comfort of mine, especially Friends.

Think about it later
It's good to think about your anxiety but not all the time, as it will become your whole life. I would try and relax then my brain would be like, 'Hey Jade, let's think about this...', it's so unfair and hard to stop this. I would try and think about it later, I would try my hardest to make sure all these thoughts would be saved, and when I have time to chill or relax in the bath, that would be when I can think about everything. I would never try to do it before going to sleep, as that's possibly the worse thing to do. 

Positive thoughts
I have noticed I am a lot more positive than I used to be, and this has made me a lot better. Being negative can make a situation worse. I would moan a lot, my boyfriend would find it very annoying, and for some reason, every little thing would just wind me the hell up. Being positive has made me not stress out as much anymore.

Don't Google symptoms!!
This is possibly one of the worse things to do, EVER. If you feel ill, give it a few days and then go to the doctors. Googling it will only make you feel like shit. Googling your symptoms will only make the situation 10x worse. It is so unhealthy, believe me, it can ruin your day, your week, your month, or even your year but I'll be there for you when the rain starts to fall... got a little carried away there, sorry. No, but seriously, don't do it!

Let me know if you have health anxiety too, I am happy to have a chat with any of you :)

A tribute to Chester Bennington...

I wanted to say, how deeply upset I am with the loss of Chester Bennington. I cannot sink this in, and I am struggling to accept that he has gone. Regardless of what people think, depression can affect anyone, and sadly, we cannot help everyone as much as we want to. No matter what you're going through, someone out there is struggling, and we should always try to make sure no one ever feels like this. My mum was honestly, such a huge fan of Chester and Linkin Park for so long. We should remember Chester for his incredible talent, how humble he was and also how honest he was with his struggles, as it's not easy. It may be hard to discuss what you're going through but remember that someone is always going to be there for you, through the good and the bad. I hope Chester has now found peace and want to send all my love to his family, friends and fans. Let's remember him for his talent and how much of a brilliant person he was.

I have a written a little poem...

The feeling may be Numb,
But don't ever feel that you're Invisible
From the Inside, I felt empty,
The feeling was Heavy,
I cried and wanted to Leave Out All the Rest,
Talking to Myself is easy,
As you may think Nobody Can Save Me,
It could be Easier to Run,
Don't feel like Nobody's listening
Talking may be One Step Closer,
To stop the feeling of Pushing Me Away

RIP Chester xxx

Monday, 17 July 2017

Dangers of driving in the summer

It's FINALLY Summer. I get it, we're not sunny Spain, we have, however, had exceptional weather this year. For those who are planning a road trip sometime soon or travel a long distance daily, it's important to check your car regularly. The cold weather can be a great danger to cars however the hot weather can put your car under a lot of pressure too. 

I have been driving for over a year now, and with it being summer, it can mean one thing... ROADTRIPS. Last week, I travelled to Cardiff, this was a pretty big journey for me, especially with it being around 200-miles. Before going ahead with the journey, not only did the playlist needed to be sorted, checking the car was the main priority.

I am not a professional. I don't think a lot of us are in when it comes to checking cars. Whether you've been driving for years or you're just starting to learn, we all need to check the car is in good condition. A lot of us cannot afford the 'dream car' straight away, especially your first one, most of us will have a hand-me-down. This means that you need to be extra precautious. 

There are many dangers when it comes to driving in the summer, here are a few examples of what could happen, and how we can avoid them.

Exploding tyres... 

A useful tip I could give is to take a spare tyre if anything does happen. The tyres can be damaged by many circumstances such as; high-speed driving, excessing cornering and frequent braking in the hot weather, this can cause for the tyres to heat up and can increase the risk of a blowout. The heated air inside the tyre can cause for them to expand and having old tyres can also cause this to fail.  

Point S lets you book tyres in Faversham & nearby areas at its website.

Engine failure... 

With the school holidays coming and people booking off annual leave, there will be a lot of traffic, daytime can be the worse, and with your car just waiting around, your car can breakdown due to overheating. As we need water, the car can be just like us and would need engine coolant to survive, this needs to be a regular occurrence as it can lose its effectiveness. This can be the same for the oil, frequent changes to your oil will be beneficial to the engine and performance. 

Sun-glare and surroundings

A common danger can be from impaired vision from the sun. Always make sure your windows are clean by replacing the worn windscreen wipers, as a dirty window can cause the glare to be worse. The hot weather can mean an increase in motorcyclists/cyclists, make sure all mirrors are also clean and corrected in the right place along with your visors, to be able to see property with your surroundings.

Let me know if you're planning on any road trips this year.

Have fun and be safe!

Love MissJadeW 

*This is a collaboration post.


Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Coldplay | Cardiff

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Last night, I saw Coldplay, and it was honestly, one of the best nights I have ever had. Firstly, Cardiff is such a beautiful place, I absolutely fell in love with it, and it ended on such a high. I have seen Coldplay three times now, though this has to be the best one yet.

My boyfriend and I did plan to go early as possible however we were waiting around, for an hour or so, at a restaurant to be overcharged with poorly service...but we will save that for another post. We got to the stadium, and it had been raining ALL DAY. The stadium did plan to keep the roof to be opened however, they had sense and closed it. We stood in the middle-ish, and for the second time we forgot to get the wristbands BUT the people near us gave us theirs.

I am small. Which means, I find it harder to see. Why do people have to get right in front of me and be right in my way?! I wasn't too bothered as I just wanted a good time. We did stand near the B-stage though, and it was SO worth it. I was literally 5 meters or so away from Coldplay.

It was honestly, one of the best performances ever. My all time favourite song was performed - Everglow and a few of their oldies were also played. Could not fault them one bit and it was so worth the 200-mile travel.

Thank you, Coldplay for your great music. I hope you do many more concerts and songs.

I do hope you enjoyed this little post and the pictures.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

What it's like living with a cat...

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A throwback of us.
I adore my Kitty. He is without a doubt the most beautiful little ball of fur. I wanted to discuss with you all what it is really like living with a cat, this is just what it is like for me, this may be totally different for anyone else who has a cat. I just wanted you all to know the good, bad and the amazing part of having a cat.

They're fussy
Let me know if your cat is fussy too, as I have heard this can be quite common. Kitty likes a different meal each time - no joke. You give him a lamb pouch for breakfast, no problem, give lamb for his dinner... its a no go. Even when I buy him a new type of meal, he will have a little sniff and lick, then leave his whole dinner. It has taken some time to learn what he likes best, though he can change his mind and hate Whiskas the next day.

Okay, this may be my fault here BUT when you have a cutie pie of a cat, how can you not treat them?! With him being a fussy pussy, I have spent a lot of money on new foods and stocking up on his favourites. I may be a little too excessive as every single time I go into a pet store, they like to say, 'is it your cat's birthday?'... this ends into an awkward laugh and saying 'sure'. It's his birthday every day.

It's like having a baby...
I want a nice peaceful sleep, do I get this with a cat? HELL to the NO. I'm not trying to put anyone off into having a cat but if you want to have a baby, get a cat first. Kitty wakes me up around 5 am, he starts by clawing the bed then headbutting me (it's so cute), and finally wakes me up for his breakfast. He can be naughty and has started biting my hair whilst I'm asleep, but this is just him being playful, I think. He cries a lot. I would get annoyed however he has the voice of an angel. 

Cat toys... what cat toys??
If you are considering getting a cat do not, I repeat, DO NOT get any cat toys. It's a waste. I bought Kitty two jungle gyms (cool name, right?) and he hasn't touched this at all. Bearing in mind, this was bought nearly a year ago, to which they are just now part of the furniture. He has played with an A4 piece of paper more times than his own toys, I have tried playing with the 'mouse on a string' with him, although he plays for a good ten minutes, he gets bored and just goes back to sleep.

They sleep, a lot. In random places.
I go leave work at 8 am and Kitty is asleep, I come back and guess what? he's asleep. I want this life. Kitty can be very sneaky and find a new spot to sleep in, which takes many hours and quite a few panic attacks to find him. He loves sleeping behind the TV, behind the bath and on my pillow. My favourite is on the stairs - it's so heartwarming to come home and find my little baby sleeping peacefully on the stairs. 

You forget they have sharp teeth and claws!
I do get carried away with Kitty, he is just absolutely adorable and he needs so much loving. I love tickling his belly and playing with him, though sometimes he does like it, then other times, he can attack the hell out of me. When we moved to our first home, he struggled a little - he was very much an outdoor cat, he would get a little agitated and bite my partners arm. Luckily, he has not done this to me, though as I said before, he has started attacking my hair in the morning. He thinks he's only playing but he does not realise, his teeth and claws are so sharp. I have been good at knowing when enough is enough, or he's just realised that he cannot be bothered to attack more, nevertheless, I adore him no matter what he does.

I hope you enjoyed reading what it can be like to have a cat, I would love to hear from you all what it's like having a cat? It can be a little frustrating at times but it is all worth it.




Sunday, 2 July 2017

How I do my eyebrows | Benefit Cosmetics

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I have always loved reading/watching people do eyebrow tutorials and thought, why not talk about how I do them?! I have always struggled to shape my eyebrows, I have a VERY noticeable scar on my left brow - thanks to my brother, he walked into me whilst holding a plate of which this hit me. It took so long for them to grow after mistakingly plucking it too much, apparently stick thin eyebrows was popular back in the day. Thankfully thick brows are back. After realising it wasn't a good look, at all, I wanted to take more care of them, though I was not so sure of how to style them and what to use on them.

I wasn't fortunate to have a lot of makeup when I was a teen, it's crazy though how many teens nowadays have soo much makeup, it's like they went from being 13 and going on to 30... great film btw. Anyway, I finally started to get inspired and buy makeup when I had my first job at Superdrug. When the store would be quiet, I would gaze at the beautiful eyeshadows and get jealous of the Photoshopped models. With the power of the internet, I'd be obsessed with pinning different types of makeup looks on Pinterest, watching makeup tutorials on Youtube and be jealous of how Kim K looked in her latest Insta pic. Why couldn't I have the perfect brows?!

With 10% off my Superdrug card, I finally bought my own makeup. Before contour was huge, I thought my bright red blush and 50 layers of mascara looked pretty awesome. My eyebrows were first done by using a pencil, this did not cover my scar up though, and I just pretty much looked like there were two huge slugs on my face. Having lighter hair, it was a struggle finding something that, not only covered my scar but was a right tone for me. Before anyone asks, I went to get my brows done somewhere and they RUINED them. I feel only me, myself and I can sort the mess of my eyebrows out, and it's worked so far.

After so long, I found Brow Zings by Benefit. This was the best purchase I have ever bought. It had recently changed to a new and improved kit - which still has the amazing mini tweezer. What I love about the new change is that they changed the two brushes for a dual-sided applicator, it is so much better and easier to find if you lose this... which I did many times, and I find it much easier to use with having it a little bit longer than it used to be.

Brow zings eyebrow shaping kit - £26.50 - Benefit Cosmetics
I had a beauty artist to help me get the right shade. Mine is 03 - Medium. I don't think I have a certain technique of how to do this, and whether it's the right way or not, it works for me. I like to outline the shape first and foremost, using the angle defining brush then using the blending brush to obviously blend this all in. To finish off I use the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, from working at Superdrug, I got told from so many people that this the best concealer, and they were not wrong. This is not only a fantastic price, I now have about 5 in my makeup bag as they are incredible and it's ALWAYS sold out, to which I now grab as many as I can. Finally, I use the Ready, Set, BROW! Clear brow gel, this honestly lasts all day and my eyebrow stays in shape till when I take my makeup off.

Ready, Set, BROW! Clear brow gel - £20.00 - Benefit Cosmetics
Collection lasting perfection concealer - £4.19 - Boots
No idea where the brush is from, sorry!

Doing my eyebrows is my favourite part of my makeup routine, it can be annoying at times getting them to look right, though I must remember - they are sisters, not twins! However, I love how they look after it's done, as it looks nothing how they originally are and they are so much better than how I use to do them!

I hope you enjoyed this little post of how I do my eyebrows and hope you all have a lovely day.

All my love,
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