Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Gino D'Acampo Restaurant | Review

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Last weekend, I had an amazing weekend in Manchester, and I could not resist going back to one of my favourite restaurants. I adore Gino. I last went when it was my birthday, and it was honestly the best Italian I have had in a long time.

From the style of the restaurant to the colour theme you can really tell he has put a lot of work into the restaurant. I love the structure, from being able to see the chefs cooking the food to having its own little deli with fresh cut meat and cheeses. 

I was so full from my lunch, but that did not stop me. I have such a passion trying new restaurants especially when you can rarely get this elsewhere. I get confused when people end up getting McDonalds or Pizza Hut... there are so many outstanding restaurants in Manchester. I honestly have a whole list where I want to go, and I am so envy of Manchester's deliveroo - Peterborough, please sort this out!

Firstly, I get way too excited about restaurants. I have the idea in my head that I can eat so much, but in reality, I get way too full from the starter itself. Nevertheless, this was delicious. It was presented amazingly, and this wasn't too big - though I did share this. I would definitely rate this a high 4/5, if I could critique this at all, I wouldn't of minded some cheese... though I did have a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch.
Garlic bread - tomato & basil £4.25

Linguine with seafood £13.50

I would have never gone for something like this. I tried a similar dish in Portugal, about a year ago, and now I love this type of food! I'd never thought I'd like mussels, but it is delicious! Sardines are still one of the worst things ever though. Last time I came here my boyfriend got this dish and as always, I wanted his dish more. I was stunned, it tasted exactly like my grandma's pasta sauce she used to make.  My grandma was Italian, and I always remember how amazing her pasta was, I have NEVER tasted anything like it since. This dish is so special to me and brings back all sorts of memories. This is definitely 5/5. 

Overall, including my dish and my boyfriends, this was all under £30. I was very satisfied and not too full, as I was in a rush meaning I was unable to get a dessert. I would definitely advise anyone who'll be visiting Manchester anytime soon, or even in London, you will not be disappointed.

Let me know if do you go anytime soon and let me know what the other dishes are like, as I am sure I will go again soon.

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