Monday, 26 June 2017



I was nominated by the lovely One Wee Blether to take part in the Liebster Award. I have seen this around and have always wanted to do this, so thank you One Wee Blether for nominating me!

The rules are:

•Answer the questions you were asked

•Tag 11 people who have under 200 twitter followers

•Create 11 new questions

•Recognize who tagged you!

These are the 11 questions they asked me...

1. Dressing gown or housecoat?
I don't actually like any of them. I just like a nice soft blanket to snuggle in.

2. What's your favourite country? 
It has to be New York, I haven't been there yet but it is such a beautiful place with so many sights to see and of course, hundreds or even thousands of restaurants.

3. What's your favourite movie?
About a Boy has to be my all time favourite, along with Mrs Doubtfire & Drop Dead Fred. 

4. Night in a with a movie or night out at the cinema?
I get quite sleep when staying in watching a film - I prefer to binge a TV series. So, probably a night out at the cinema. 

5. You're favourite song of all time?
Everglow by Coldplay - Such a beautiful song

6. Do you plan everything or just do it spontaneously?
Depends what it is but I do love planning stuff just so I have something to love forward to. Though doing something spontaneous is always a winner.

7. Who (or what) inspired you to start blogging?
I not long started watching Zoe Sugg's vlogs and saw Poppy Deye's blog, which I absolutely adore. Her soft tone pictures just makes her blog that little bit special.

8. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 
My dream, is to travel in America and blogging as a full time job. 

9. If money was no object, what would you do?
Just to spend time with the people I care most about and eat in every restaurant, of course.

10. What's your 'go to' comfort food?
Chips! Anything with chips, cheesy chips, chips with curry and cheesy gravy chips. If you haven't guessed... I love chips. Oh, and chocolate.

11. You're favourite colour?
Rose Gold.

My list of nominees...

1. Amy Lee from My life style blog
2. Chloe and GiGi from Abelina Nine
3. Shannon from Culture and Couture
5. Nathel Kaiyeepu from Fashionable Impact
7. Rebecca from She in the Know
9. Chloe from Marble Beauty
11. Madeleine Bourne from Madeleine Mae

My Questions...

1. Reality TV or Drama?
2. If you could only eat 1 type of food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
3. Are you a morning person or night person?
4. What is your most prized possession?
5. If you could meet anyone dead or alive, who would it be?
6. Who is your favourite fictional character?
7. What is your guilty please?
8. If you could change anything in the world, what would it be?
9. What is your favourite TV show?
10. Would you rather go back to the past or to the future and why?
11. Is there any type of food you could never try?


Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Top 5 Places to Eat | Meadowhall

Food is my everything. I have been to a fair few restaurants, to which I am unable to pick my exact favourite. Food is important as you literally need it every day, it has become a recent passion of mine, from moving away and started to cook more. Though, eating out a lot more fun for me. Anyway, enough about me...

I visited Meadowhall last weekend and realised to myself, I spent pretty much my whole time there, at the food court. It is the best part of Meadowhall. There are way too many restaurants to choose from, I was only there for two days, meaning I couldn't eat at five places in two days, right?! But you're wrong. Yes, it may sound greedy but I rarely go these places, so why not indulge myself to five restaurants. YOLO.


I haven't been to Meadowhall for over a year, and when I saw there was a Barburrito, I was very happy. The Mexican eatery is the perfect place for lunch. It is based on the lower dining quarter, it is in the prime spot to the seating area too. I was in a hurry to eat my burrito, so I was unable to get a picture, however, my burrito was delicious. This place is for those who want a quick lunch and you can see this be made right in front of you. What more could you want? They also do student discount and refill drinks.


Opposite Barburrito, we have Five Guys. I am not a massive lover on burgers, I do like them however I have rarely found the perfect burger. I am not keen on thick patties, they fill me up way too quickly. It can be a little pricey for a burger however once you taste one of these, you don't care about the price. I did, however, only share some fries but what I love about this place, is how generous they are with them. (That picture doesn't do it any justice)


On the upper level, we have Giraffe. I find this is the go-to place for brunch, It's rare to get a place where they have many styles of food and it can work at the same time. From burgers to Katsu chicken, you will be sure to find a dish that you would easily enjoy. There are many cocktails to also choose from, and with the warm fairy lights, it just gives that extra cosiness feel. My choice of food was pancakes, this was called 'The Blue Banana', which is a blueberry compote with thick buttery pancakes, banana and maple syrup. Yummy.

As soon as you walk into the upper food court, you'll first see TGI Friday's. I was stuck in traffic for over three hours and I just needed so much food. From being very hungry, I forgot to take pictures, but I do find this place does the perfect three - starters, mains and desserts. There are so many choices to choose from with a huge menu plus its own large book of drinks. I ordered my all time favourite drink - the blue raspberry slush, it's so sweet. Out of them all, this has to be my favourite style of restaurant, it definitely is the biggest and is always full up.


If you want good, and I mean GOOD South American food, Las Iguanas is the one. So many flavours and thought is put into the food and drinks, it really is one of a kind. Firstly, it was happy hour, so I was very happy. There is a huge list of cocktails, it was a very hard decision to make. In the end, I got mocktails - as I was driving, and they were absolutely divine. I got a Virgin Cuba Libra and then also had a Ginger & Lemon mojo-less, they were honestly something special. For starters, Nachos with shredded chipotle beef was ordered, though they were very hot. Then I ordered a Steak & Queso Tacos. If you want something different and love a good atmosphere, I highly recommend Las Iguanas.

If you are planning a trip to Meadowhall anytime soon, let me know if you go to any of these restaurants, and also, if there is a restaurant that you think is better or prefer. I hope you enjoyed this post and hope I didn't make you too hungry.

All my love,

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Lee Stafford Chopstick Curler | Review

For so long, I have always wanted amazing, poofy hair. My sister would wrap those funky perm rollers into my hair, whilst I sleep in so much pain, I would wake up to very disappointing messy hair. I have many curlers however they do not give me the Beyonce curls that I want. 

After seeing the gorgeous Zoella's tutorial video, I was amazed. How could such thin curlers do such beautiful curls?! I enjoy experimenting with my hair. I can spend hours and hours trying new, cool and wacky hairstyles. This seemed like the perfect product. I haven't curled my hair in awhile from having very long hair - it would take hours. After finally getting the chop, I decided to treat myself. Having an Amazon Prime account, I wanted them quick... next day delivery is the best, for sure.. Lee Stafford Chopstick Ceramic Curling Wand was finally mine. 

I have always been a fan of Lee Safford, I loved his TV show - Celebrity Scissorhands. I was so happy with the purchase. You cannot complain about it only being £20. A lot of curlers I have recently looked at, do not even come close to that price. Normally, I would not believe a curler can do such a thing, due to many bad past experiences. I was intrigued to what this can bring. The style of the curler is very different, the extra skinny rectangular barrel gives that feel it can take a good grip on your hair. When you turn on the curlers BEWARE you might not feel how hot it really is. I dropped the curlers (typical!) and fell onto my hand... this was a month and a half ago and the scar is still there. So please be careful as it really does get very hot.

It was a struggle when first using them as I wanted to find a comfortable way using them, and to try not to burn myself... that plan did not work. I was amazed to how good they are. If you want sassy hair, this is the perfect product for you. A little tip: Make sure you unwrap the hair once you take it off the curler - this makes it a little look more natural.

I wIt was a struggle when first using them as I wanted to find a comfortable way using them, and to try not to burn myself... that plan did not work. I was amazed to how good they are. If you want sassy hair, this is the perfect product for you. A little tip: Make sure you unwrap the hair once you take it off the curler - this makes it a little look more natural.

I hope you enjoyed reading the review, it is definitely worth the price and I have no faults with it whatsoever. Let me know what you think about this product.

Love MissJadeW,


Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Gino D'Acampo Restaurant | Review

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Last weekend, I had an amazing weekend in Manchester, and I could not resist going back to one of my favourite restaurants. I adore Gino. I last went when it was my birthday, and it was honestly the best Italian I have had in a long time.

From the style of the restaurant to the colour theme you can really tell he has put a lot of work into the restaurant. I love the structure, from being able to see the chefs cooking the food to having its own little deli with fresh cut meat and cheeses. 

I was so full from my lunch, but that did not stop me. I have such a passion trying new restaurants especially when you can rarely get this elsewhere. I get confused when people end up getting McDonalds or Pizza Hut... there are so many outstanding restaurants in Manchester. I honestly have a whole list where I want to go, and I am so envy of Manchester's deliveroo - Peterborough, please sort this out!

Firstly, I get way too excited about restaurants. I have the idea in my head that I can eat so much, but in reality, I get way too full from the starter itself. Nevertheless, this was delicious. It was presented amazingly, and this wasn't too big - though I did share this. I would definitely rate this a high 4/5, if I could critique this at all, I wouldn't of minded some cheese... though I did have a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch.
Garlic bread - tomato & basil £4.25

Linguine with seafood £13.50

I would have never gone for something like this. I tried a similar dish in Portugal, about a year ago, and now I love this type of food! I'd never thought I'd like mussels, but it is delicious! Sardines are still one of the worst things ever though. Last time I came here my boyfriend got this dish and as always, I wanted his dish more. I was stunned, it tasted exactly like my grandma's pasta sauce she used to make.  My grandma was Italian, and I always remember how amazing her pasta was, I have NEVER tasted anything like it since. This dish is so special to me and brings back all sorts of memories. This is definitely 5/5. 

Overall, including my dish and my boyfriends, this was all under £30. I was very satisfied and not too full, as I was in a rush meaning I was unable to get a dessert. I would definitely advise anyone who'll be visiting Manchester anytime soon, or even in London, you will not be disappointed.

Let me know if do you go anytime soon and let me know what the other dishes are like, as I am sure I will go again soon.

Love MissJadeW


Thursday, 1 June 2017

My baby | Kitty

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Welcome back,

I thought I would just share a few pictures (from my million collection) to you all of my beautiful cat. I am actually a little allergic to him but I would never want to give him up - even if he does claw my hair when I'm sleeping. I hope you enjoy x

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