Monday, 29 May 2017

I love CeX | Haul

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I LOVE a bargain! Especially when it is something I love too - binge-watching TV shows. I went to visit CeX last weekend hoping to find good deals, and boy was I not wrong. I rarely buy DVDs these days, with the likes of having Netflix, Amazon Prime and TVPlayer (This app is only £5.99 a MONTH for what is pretty much Sky, without the pointless channels and ridiculous price).

I feel like since moving in August, I have saved a lot of money by not buying a Sky/Virgin TV package. I would definitely love to discuss this in my next post and hope to help you when moving into your first house.

So, let me show you what I have bought and the amazing deals...

his is a very hit and miss show to a lot of people, however, I adore this show. I never see this anywhere on E4/Comedy Central anymore and you forget how brilliant this show really is. I already had season 1 and when I saw that they were £1.00/1.50 each... how could I not?! I honestly have never seen a good deal like this before especially each boxset being so so cheap! I am so thrilled I got these and cannot wait to revisit JD and Turk's bromance.

I have to admit, I am more of a Family Guy person, however, the classic Simpsons (Season 1 - 10) is the best! I could only find season 4 & 9 - season 4 looked so dirty and broken. For £4 for one season, that is something you can not complain about. It was more of a purchase I just wanted to have than to watch but still, you can not go wrong with a bit of Simpsons in your life.

Some of you may not know what this show is. My fav person EVER is Rik Mayall - who played the lovable, Drop Dead Fred. British sitcoms are my go-to, I had just finished The League of Gentleman (Series 3 sucks) I have seen The Young Ones only a few times before and I was expecting this to be a little bit cheaper than £4, but nevertheless, you probably cannot get it cheaper elsewhere. 

This may be another show a lot of people will not be familiar with. I do find this to be very underrated. You can rarely see this anywhere on TV especially with BBC Three not being around anymore. I did have the whole box-set but ironically I gave this to Cex... I regret this! I could not find the whole boxset but for the price of 2 series, I couldn't say no. I honestly recommend people to watch this (The musical episode is by far the best one!). The show did run it's course however by killing off one of the main characters... getting eaten by a shark - no comment. And adding new characters that did not fit the show.

Overall I was so happy with what I got!  I feel another haul is due is already due to which I hope to find Will & Grace box-set (SO EXCITED FOR THE NEW SERIES TO START).

I hope you enjoyed this little haul and I have much more to come.

All my love
MissJadeW x

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Stay Strong | Manchester

"Manchester is the belly and guts of the nation" 
- George Orwell  

I am deeply saddened with what has happened. I honestly don't have many words to say... I just hope that nothing like this will ever happen again! People were trying to have a good time seeing Ariana Grande and unfortunately some don't see it like that. They try and punish us by killing innocent people, I will not even bother giving this person any of my time! People have died because of them. Young kids seeing their idol; for it to be taken away instantly. 

Manchester has always been close to my heart. From their wonderful music from Oasis to The Smiths. They gave us the Royle family. Amazing football teams and just a beautiful city. It honestly is my favourite city! 

I always think something like this wouldn't happen. It's surreal. I wanted this all to not be true and hope to wake up from the nightmare. I don't want to live in a world where I feel scared incase anything happens again, why should we? I want to be sure that when I have kids there is a safe world for them, but unfortunately I can't make that promise. There are just some evil people who just don't see the world like we do and it's a shame.

It is so upsetting to see Ariana Grande apologise on Twitter - she has no reason to do this. This can  happen to anyone at anytime. My thoughts are with all the families and victims affected. From such a tragic event happening we must remember to stick together. Music is there is unite us, not divide us.

Lets not let them stop us from enjoying life.

All my love,




Monday, 15 May 2017

Peter Kay: Dance for life | Motorpoint arena, Nottingham

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I have finally seen Peter Kay live! Unfortunately, it wasn’t his comedy tour, BUT this was just as good… even better in fact, though hopefully one day I will see him live, doing standup.

 My lovely sister and her husband joined me to the Nottingham showing on Friday, May 12. We really weren’t sure to what we were expecting - I guess that is good though. Most people my age would be eager to see BeyoncĂ©, but for me? Give me Peter Kay any day! I have been such a fan for as long as I can remember. Again, I wasn’t your typical ‘Disney girl’ when I was younger… though I probably should’ve been! I’d first know about Peter Kay when ‘Phoenix Nights’ came out… making me 8 years old – don’t ask!! I loved it so much.

From Max and Paddy to his latest show - CarShare, Peter has to be my favourite comedian! When he announced he would be doing a tour called ‘Dance for Life’, I was dying to get tickets. Thankfully my sister got them!! It seemed so long ago but it sure did come quick enough.

Peter came on stage and I was so happy – I LOVE a good Bolton accent, definitely my fav! He announced there was a special guest… Sian Gibson – the co-star of Car Share. I was so glad she was there too; she is hilarious! At first, it was a little awkward – I felt silly dancing in a room full of people. Saying that pretty much everyone was in fancy dress. Once the good music started, I couldn’t stop dancing!

It was AMAZING! From upbeat 80s music to the cheesy 90s songs, the night was perfect!! There were classic Peter Kay moments from playing Sister Sledge and putting the words ‘Just let me staple the Vicar’ up on the screen. Any song that had the lyrics ‘Na-na-na’, and having a picture of a stereotypical ‘Nana’ on the screen – it truly felt like his humour was there. Halfway through the show, we managed to get quite close to the stage. A guy with a large camera was around and my face was on the large screen for everyone to see! I LOVED it! I honestly felt like the episode of Friends in ‘The one with the routine’… no embarrassing dance routine was performed though.

A three-hour countdown was shown throughout the night,  I was exhausted by the end! There was so much confetti and also fabulous dancing by the Zumba Gold ladies. Sadly, it was home time...with a cheeky trip to McDonald's to end the perfect evening. I thoroughly enjoyed the night - even if my feet were killing like a bitch! The tour was all for charity and for an amazing cause for Stand Up To Cancer. The link below shows how much was raised.

 My look: 
 I wanted to have a certain look going to ‘Dance for Life’ and gave myself a perm – using the Chopstick curlers by Lee Stafford (the BEST curlers ever!).
 My jumper was from New Look, £5 (Bargain!) and ripped high waisted jeans from Miss Selfridge.

 I hope you enjoyed the review!!

 Love MissJadeW x
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