Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Why You Should Use Depop

Not going to lie but I’m loving these early dark evenings and layering up. I love summer though there is something about autumn and winter and I’m here for it. Plus what’s not to love about comfort food and blanket??

As always I’ve been buying clothes though I have swayed to Depop this year and wanted to share my thoughts on it and why I think it’s such a fantastic company. 

I first started using Depop to make money as I had a lot of plans for this year and I have been using it non-stop! Here are a few reasons why I think you should use Depop too:

Make money...
As I previously said, I had a lot planned this year and clearly thought I was rich with the number of things I wanted to do. I can’t exactly remember the reason why or how I got on to Depop, but I remember looking through my clothes and realising ‘I don’t wear half of these!’ And so I started to take pictures and put them onto Depop.

I wasn't an expert. I never even sent anything to a post office before, so god knows how I survived. After a few months of starting this up, I managed to have made around £300. I was rich (I wish!) Though my wardrobe looked very poor by selling half of it.

Recycling clothes means helping the plant...
There is no problem with buying second-hand clothing. Every single piece of clothing that I have bought from Depop has been in an immaculate condition. People mainly sell their clothes as it doesn't fit, don't like it anymore or if they have worn it, it's in great condition still.

helping a small business...
I love that you can be helping people out too people are flipping creative, I really would love to do something like this and hope to one day do this. People are selling eyelashes, charm bracelets and scrunches. Have a gander on Depop as even the vintage clothes are gorgeous.

Do you use Depop? I would love you to check my page out too which is @missjadew 


Why The Circle is The Best Show Right Now

Hello, my lovelies. After a well-needed break of blogging and questioning whether to come back or not, I decided to keep going with it. I have thought a lot about quitting blogging, but I have done this for two years and wouldn't want to give that up.  Coming back has made me realised how much I do like this.

I have gone blonde, went to Italy, and became am obsessed with The Circle. I saw it last year and instantly fell in love with it, and even more so this year. It is such a refreshing reality show. This year is even better with such lovable people, and I am gutted that it's the finale this Friday.

As a lover of reality shows, I have fallen out of love them recently. I watched Big Brother since it began and became obsessed with the housewives series, Jersey Shore and Towie. Though lately, I have felt out of love with them all. Don’t get me wrong, I will devour a whole series of love island, but The Circle is something different. 

Firstly, can I just say that I am so obsessed with Tim. What a wonderful human being he is, and I do hope he wins. This show reminds me of a Black Mirror type of series, and it works perfectly. I am crying and laughing throughout the whole of this series, it's not like any other show it's interesting seeing how a catfish can cope in there.

Along with Tim, I adore Woody, how can such a young guy be soo genuinely lovely? I want him as my younger brother and would not mind if he or Tim won. My favourite moment by far though was definitely when ‘Jay’ met ‘Sammie’. I am just as shook as much as they are.

Have you been watching The Circle? And what do you make of the series?


Wednesday, 21 August 2019

4 Pretty Little Thing Petite Trousers I am Loving

Please note: this contains affiliate links

I am so over jeans. They're too much hassle. I do need a clear out though and buy some new ones as I have had the same jeans for over five years, and pretty sure the washing machine has shrunk them, and the black jeans are now slowly turning into a grey colour.

Now forgive me if I sound dumb, but I honestly thought that petite trousers were for skinny gals and it's not, it's for small gals like myself! I nearly gave up buying trousers as I have had many times trying some on and looking like a child dressed as a builder. I am over the moon that I can buy something other than jeans.

I love online shopping because it's so much easier for the eyes and my legs. Pretty Little Thing caught my eye as they do a wide range of petite trousers and I was super happy, though my bank balance wasn't. It can be difficult trying a new style and embracing it, but you know? I am here for it now.

If you're small and struggling for something to wear, then check my absolute favourites. I love this type of trouser as they look so comfortable and can already confirm that the first two are a dream. They're perfect for work or with a cropped t-shirt. The other two bring back so many memories of the early noughties I remember the days of Rachel Stevens in S Club 7 wearing cargo trousers with a cute top.

Petite Monochrome Stripe Casual Trousers image 3Petite Khaki Casual Trousers  image 3Petite Green Camo Print Cargo Trousers image 4Petite Navy Pocket Detail Cargo Trousers image 3

Let me know if you are petite on the trouser area too and where you find best to shop for them?


Thursday, 8 August 2019

Excilor Ultra Nail Treatment

 Now I wanted to get down on the nitty gritty with feet. If you notice that your nails on the feet have discolouration and thickening nails then you may be suffering with a fungal nail infection. It's believed that 25% of the population are plagued with this and now it's time for us to tackle the taboo and put your best feet forward.

If you love having pretty feet then don't worry because Excilor has provided a treatment that is compatible with nail polish - this is a first too! Excilor’s Ultra Nail Fungus Treatment is a once a day treatment which effectively treats the nail bed using Transactive Technology and Peppermint Oil. 

What I love about this product it is super simple! There is no filing required, all you need to do is apply a layer of Ultra, peel off after 24 hours, apply a fresh coat and voila, you are ready to conquer the day. 

This means you can pick you're favourite colour and paint away on top of the Ultra layer. Not only do your feet look super pretty but you're covering all the Fungal Nail signs while Ultra does all the work. 

I would love to hear if you've tried this product?


Monday, 5 August 2019

Dr Anders Foot Care Range | Gifted

A lot of people hate feet, and I can understand them, yet I feel it's time to embrace your feet. They can be especially best to not look at, but by having the right products means you're no longer hating on your own feet and able to wear those sandals for the summertime.

I have received some fantastic products from Dr Anders and wanted to share my thoughts on them, Dr Anders has been a podiatrist for over 20 years now, and she is inspired by how incredible feet can be. She was not satisfied by what was on the market as the brands were not thinking about the complexability of feet and didn't suit peoples needs. She wanted to create something that worked.

Many people suffer from foot problems and can affect their lives. I have used a lot of foot creams in the past as my feet have been dry yet most products are very thick, they last throughout the day though it's mainly the grease from the product.

It took Dr Anders 18 months to create the perfect products for us. I think this is especially important as it shows that she cares about the customer and what we need. The key ingredients in them from botanical oil which leaves them feeling velvety-soft, and also organic virgin coconut, this sinks in deeply conditioning, moisturising and softening the skin.

Each product has a unisex appeal making it perfect for everyone with a high-end fragrance smell. All products are none irritant, natural and pure and not tested on animals too.

The conditional nail treatment has a rich and deeply nourishing treatment. The cream works best on hard, thick and brittle nails, making them not only improve the appearance but making it easier to cut and manage.

The intensive rescue balm is my favourite as it has a non-greasy formula - finally a product that doesn't make me slip over the floor! This formula deeply hydrates and absorbs exceptionally quickly leaving a silky soft finish.
The nourishing daily therapy has a lightweight oil which absorbs into the foot, nourishes and restores the dry skin. My boyfriend has extremely dry feet, and this has worked remarkably well and can finally massage his feet without moaning.

Dr Anders also has a online foot community called 'feel your feet' to drive, change and encourage conversations to transform the attitudes we have towards our feet. You can find the products and the community on the website.

These products have been gifted however all opinions are my own.


Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Shows To Watch Now Love Island Has Finished

Not going to lie, I am slightly glad that Love Island has finished. It was tiring watching a show pretty much every day though don't get me wrong I loved this year, especially Chris - we need more people like him in there. Next year, however, we have Love Island on twice. It's like they're trying to give me no life.

As you know from previous posts, I love a good binge and decided to share with you all some shows I have been watching lately. If you're struggling for a new show then this post may be the one for you, I have thoroughly enjoyed each one and hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

The Hills: New Beginnings

If you miss reality then this may be the show for you. I was thrilled to hear this show was back. Unpopular opinion but I am glad Lauren isn't back - I do find she is happy where she is and doesn't need this unnecessary drama. I adore Mischa Barton she fits in well, which I didn't think she would when I first saw that she was going to be in this show. So far, I am loving it too.

Orange Is the New Black

I have been hooked from season one and gutted it's the season finale. It's full of drama, and the storylines are gripping.  We get to see each of the character's story, and we start to feel for them as the show goes on. I like that each season is different and the storyline feels so real and raw.


I can see why this show was one of the greatest shows of all time though I did struggle to watch it at times. There some touching scenes from time to time, this is what makes this show so fantastic. It touches on so many topics from men dealing with mental health, rape and many more. I must admit that it did make me very angry in some scenes.

Good Girls

This show was always on my recommendations, and finally, I got around to watching it. I have the last three episodes to watch, and it's a total binge-fest indeed. These three women are badass. Rio is something else too...

Let me know if you have seen any or if any takes your pick? Please give me recommendations too.


Monday, 22 July 2019

7 Tips For Driving a Long Journey

Never in a million years did I think that I would be driving from Bourne to Edinburg. From 5 hours of driving with pitstops to going on the motorway - I did it. Go me! Driving can be daunting, so when I decided to drive this journey, for me, I knew it would be a big deal.

I passed my driving test back in 2016 and it took a while for me to become the driver that I am today. Anxiety would kick in giving me belly aches and even panic attacks, so it took some time for that to go away and of course, I still get a little apprehensive when driving in new places though I totally believe in time that this makes you a better driver. Driving distracts you and it helps a lot with my anxiety, you're focusing on a lot of things meaning you're no longer thinking about that anxiety problem, and it's gone for the time being.

I have noticed that I have to drive with music on - I find it very hard to drive in quiet for some reason and after doing this journey I now wanted to share some tips that have helped me and will hopefully get you out of your comfort zone.

Plan your trip for a week or two

Your sat nav will be your best friend this journey BUT do not totally rely on sat navs. I find it's important to look at the journey for a good amount of times before you drive off. Luckily, I found someone who put them driving from London to Edinburgh on Youtube, and this helped me a lot. You can see the journey from a different perspective and have a good plan of what the journey will be like.

Check your car is in top shape

You will never know what could happen when driving so it's super important to check your car, especially for long journeys. I luckily got my car for an MOT before the journey, but still checking the tyre pressures, oil and water before you head off is vital. Also, plan ahead for fuel and with is being summertime too, why not check my previous post on dangers of driving in the summer.

Focus on nothing but the road

Having pit stops is important for long journeys, you will feel fresh and ready to hit the road for the next hour or two. On the way back from Edinburgh, I was very ill,  and I was throwing up before leaving though I still made the choice of driving whilst being ill - I would highly NOT recommend this. It wasn't an easy journey at all.

But also have entertainment

I don't mean play charades as that would not be a good idea. Having someone with you, talking to them and having music in the background really helps. For the journey, my friend was with me who was sooo much help, and I don't think I could've done it without her! 

Sit up straight

As I am small I have to be really close to the car and then I slouch meaning my neck would ache like a bitch the whole journey. It has taken me some time to learn how to sit up straight then I forget and I am back to square one with an achey neck. It's something I am definitely trying to work on.

Take your time

I always remember what my driving instructor told me, and it was to never rush whilst driving. Taking your time still gets you from A to B. I hate people who tailgate or overtake when it is not needed. As long as you're doing the speed limit forget what the knob heads are doing and if someone wants to overtake, let them do it. As long as you're being safe that is all that matters.

Have water

It was absolutely boiling when I was driving and luckily I had Harry's car with amazing air con, my car is dreadful, and I definitely think I would've melted driving in that. Having water along the journey really made the difference and though yes, you may need to pee more, being hydrated is a must.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I really hope it helps for whenever you're doing a long journey, and if so, let me know how it goes!

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