Sunday, 16 February 2020

Femme Luxe Finery Haul | Gifted

I am so done with this Storm in the UK right now, it’s super miserable and cannot wait for summer! This week I have been busy working and catching up with friends. I find myself mentally better when I keep myself busy doing things, so I am going to keep at it.

I was going to ramble on how stressed I have been and moaning about something or nothing, but I wanted to reflect on what happened over the weekend. It's awful what has happened to Caroline Flack I am in still so much shock, and hate how the British Media. The sad thing is, I don't think it will ever change. People asking for Love Island to be cancelled where in reality it's themselves on Twitter that needs a reality check as they read and believe the pathetic headlines. 

If you don't like something, then don't read it unfollow that person and get on with life because you never know what goes through someone's head. 

Here is my weekly Femme Luxe Finery haul which is full of fantastic trousers from office smart to cargo trousers. Right now I am obsessed with the jeans and the nice top look I can never find that nice top and constantly on the look for one. Femme Luxe Finery has a gorgeous selection of jeans from ripped to mom jeans.
This slinky black crop top feels like a dream to wear it's comfortable, and the material is incredibly soft. I love a simple look sometimes, especially when you go all out on the trousers. Black crop tops are my favourite too because they go well with anything and any type of trouser, I would pair this top up with high-waisted jeans and a blazer added on too, a midi skirt and some type of flared trousers. 

I went with a long black midi skirt the great thing is that you can wear for so many occasions too I find it’s an easy outfit choice especially when you’re struggling to find an outfit when you’re going out and trust me it's hard to find a good outfit, and this works for all year round.

I work in an office and since having this type of job I adore all types of office and smart clothing. I never used to be a fan of trousers, and it has taken me a long time to get used to them and enjoy wearing them. These grey tartan print high waisted trousers feature a high elasticated waist with a tie front to give you some shape. They are comfortable, and I could wear them every day if I could.

I went with a simple black top as I tend to find this type of trouser does all the talking, and you don’t want to ruin the outfit. I also paired it up with the crop and think it’s such a cute outfit together.

Not going to lie but I feel like Lara Croft in this outfit. I paired this khaki green cargo slim-fit trousers up with the crop top, and it is such a great style for the summer, especially if you’re going to a festival. Does anyone else suffer from this when they wear trousers too? I always have so much room when I wear high waisted trousers on the back. It so frustrating as the majority of trousers I wear, this happens!

I do genuinely adore these trousers and love the cargo style at the moment. I cannot wait to wear these more.

Camel Tartan High Waisted Skinny Leg Trousers

Up your trouser game with these camel tartan high waisted skinny leg trouser, these trousers are not something I would usually go for, and I do feel out of my comfort zone wearing these, but I think that is good and I need to do this more. Embrace wearing something that you love because why care what others think.

I always tend to feel weird when I don't wear super skinny trousers as I look down, I wore the same top as I did with the tartan print trousers as again, the black top is so simple and works with these.

What type of trouser is your favourite? are you a jeans girl or love mixing it up? Let me know below.

These have kindly been gifted but all views are my own*

Sunday, 26 January 2020

Femme Luxe Haul

This week I have had two horrible cold sores appear on my lips, and it seems to be staying, which I am not happy about at all. These next few weeks, I have a few exciting things that I will be doing, and I have another haul ready for you! What feels like day 74 of January I swear so much has happened too! I love how people on Twitter have said ‘this is my year in 2020’ yet it’s been a little worse for wear so far so roll on February!

Harry and I have a party to go to this weekend, and it’s his parents Ruby wedding anniversary (how cute!) so that means I need a gorgeous dress for the event so keep your eyes peeled for the haul as I may have found something that is perfect for it. The weekend after, my best friend and I are going to see Cody Ko and Noel Miller, they are two YouTubers who do hilarious videos and some pretty decent music too, it is going to such a good trip.

Now let’s get into this haul, firstly one of my favourite item of clothing is oversized jumper dresses! They make me feel super comfortable because if you feel like crap and don’t want to make too much of an effort, then oversized jumpers are the perfect attire for you.

This khaki jersey dress is something I cannot wait to wear this season. It's still miserable weather, and I love clothes that keep you warm yet keeps you looking stylish too. With a cold shoulder cut out detailing and a belted waist which helps to flaunt that figure of yours, this loose fitted dress is an essential for my wardrobe. I love the material of this dress it's that type of material where it won't get baggy meaning you won't need to iron which is a win-win situation for me.

This dress gets me excited for the summer! I cannot wait to start booking holidays, and I will be taking this for when I go. I hope to be going on a beach holiday soon as it is sooo needed. This dress is so comfortable, and it is easy to put on as it has a zip too which it's not a struggle getting this on like most dresses are. This mini dress makes me feel very elegant, and I am pleased with how stretchy the material is too.

The dress is perfect for going out with, especially if you have any events planned. I have always loved the polka dot style and adds more character to the clothes.

Black Slinky Wide Leg Trousers 

As being a small human, I have never really bought wide-leg trousers before just for the reason that I tend to trip up on myself along with making an absolute fool of myself. I wanted to see if I suited them or not and what would work best. Though I am not 100% sure mainly as I feel it is a little too wide on me,  that could be because I have not had anything like this before, so it is going to take some getting used to it.

I would pair these trousers with a plain black crop top or cute Bardot top. Some days I don’t fancy wearing a dress so now that I have the these trousers I am excited to try and wear them more. To go with the outfit, I think heels would look perfect or even some chunky platform boots.

Black One Shoulder Slinky Midi Dress 

Next week I am going to Harry's parents anniversary party, and I have found the dress that will go perfectly for this! I want something smart and elegant, but that is also perfect for a party!! It is such a figure-hugging dress I look classy yet also ready to party in this gorgeous dress. I don't think you need to overdo it with anything too with the hair or makeup as I feel the dress speaks for itself.

I hope you enjoyed this haul, let me know which outfit is your favourite and what would you choose too.


Saturday, 11 January 2020

Femme Luxe Haul

How crazy is that it is 2020, I hope you all had a gorgeous New Year and I am excited to be blogging more. I am very excited to be sitting on my ass and being obsessed with the new Love Island that’s starting on Sunday! Yes, I cannot wait, I’m one of those that says ‘meh I don’t know if I’ll bother with it this year’ then get hooked for the next few weeks.

The one thing I love more than anything from Love Island is their clothes, each outfit they get to wear is so beautiful and makes me way too excited for the summer!  Speaking of clothes, I have another Femme Luxe haul for you all. These have been kindly gifted which I am hugely grateful for, each clothing that I have received have been in perfect condition and not once had any problems with them, they have all fitted perfectly well too.

Femme Luxe has such a wide range of clothing from day to night styles. Whether you're going out with your girlfriends with that slinky dress or want to spice up your outfit by wearing some PU leggings with that slogan tee, you're missing out if you have not bought anything from there. Each clothing below is linked if you're interested in my look and they always have fantastic pricing too.

Black Mesh Polka Dot High Neck Top

The Black Mesh Organza Polka Dot High Neck Top is gorgeous. I am completely in love with the mesh sleeves, especially since they have become a thing and I have always wanted something like this. The polka dot makes it even more beautiful. 

It is a gorgeous fit and perfect for the evening with some PU leggings or black jeans and would even look super cute with a pencil skirt if you're going for the smart look! I love that the sleeves have mesh only because with it being a crop top too, I find that it would be over the top if this top was full-on mesh. The whole design is stunning.

Rust Ribbed Off The Shoulder Crop Top

I feel this Rust Ribbed Off The Shoulder Crop Top is going to be perfect for the Summertime. I do get autumnal vibes wearing this, though I guess this is a good thing meaning it will be perfect for all year round. It is very comfortable and goes perfect with high waisted jeans.

I tend to struggle with low cut tops at times due to not have the smallest of boobs which can look unflattering at times. I was happy that it fits well and will be treasuring this top for the autumn time too.

Beige One Shoulder Ruched Slinky Midi Dress

I don't usually go for midi dresses as I am small and find that I don't suit them, but as it is 2020, I wanted to more daring with clothes.  This Beige One Shoulder Ruched Slinky dress makes me feel like Kim K though I don't have her ass, unfortunately. It is stunning and such an elegant dress.

I do think this dress would look ten times better if I had a tan, as my legs are disgustingly pale and full of bruises. I matched this with a pair of nude heels and think it’s perfect for a date night. The dress has a belted waist to tie up on the front which defines your body, giving you that gorgeous shape (anyone would look beautiful in this).

What a super sparkly dress! I saved the best for the last. The black dress has these beautiful mesh sleeves with a frill, and I can honestly say I love each bit of detailing. It’s perfect for going out partying with, I would personally wear black wedges with this as I’m not a huge heel fan, but I think after trialling a few pair of shoes the wedge matched up perfectly! 

I do think I need to lose a few pounds as I am carrying a little holiday weight (as Ross Gellar once said) as I am a size 8, I got a size 8, but I should've sized up!! Though it is a little tight, it still fits perfectly, and I love that the dress has a zip which means it easier to take on and off.

I think you can gather I love a dress and I really need more nights out planned because right now it’s just me and my camera taking selfies with them!! What outfit is your favourite?


Tuesday, 7 January 2020


I have forever wanted to try out clothes from DLSB, and when asked what I wanted for my birthday from my family, I picked out two pieces from there and was way too excited to try these out.

The clothes from DLSB are a little different to the ordinary clothing retailers with that they provide most of their clothing as ‘one-size’, and for some time I have been scratching my head wondering how is this possible and is it possible? I’ve not had much luck from online clothing stores as I can always be a different size from each shop, I’m a size 8 in one and a size 10 or 12 in another. So, I am intrigued by this and hoping they fit like a glove.

Their dresses could work as one size as they mainly do their one sizing on wrap dresses, meaning you can make it as tight or loose as you want.

The jumper I chose was the 'No Hard Felines' jumper, and I was worried if it was going to be too big for me as I am small and mainly shop the petite clothes. I was excited to get this jumper as I am obsessed with pink and leopard prints. 

The jumper is an oversized jumper which I do love anyway as they're super comfortable and means you can wear with leggings underneath. I do think that this jumper would fit a size 8-14. It is super comfortable, and I am obsessed with the design.

I also got the 'Feelin' Knit' cardigan, it has balloon sleeves and it is probably the best cardigan I have ever owned! It’s a struggle to find a cardigan that I like these days as they can look quite granny on me, but this is such a beautiful detailed cardigan. 
The chunky knit keeps you snug throughout those cooler evenings and looks super cute with mom jeans and a little vest. Again, this cardigan was one size, and it is slightly big on me, but this is what I love about it, it’s cosy AF. I can’t stop wearing it and want the cold weather here just a little longer so I can keep wearing it. 

Have you shopped at DLSB before? What do you think of their ‘one size’?


Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Femme Luxe Review | Gifted

I want to share a little haul with you guys of some of my favourite pieces from Femme Luxe. Due to it being Christmas, I am living in comfies for the time being and have this gorgeous loungewear to show you. I also have a few other pieces that I am obsessed with especially tops that are perfect with jeans, as I know it's a struggle to have that 'nice top and jeans'.

It’s a few days away from Christmas, and it could not feel any less like it. I hate that I don’t feel festive, I have managed to eat so much Christmas food and have been watching all those cheesy Hallmark movies, yet I am still not in the festive spirit. One thing that does excite me, however, is clothes as it’s a real mix from layering up to finding that dress for the Christmas parties, it excites me way too much.

From eating way too much as previously said before, I am currently living in comfy clothes. It's that time we're all starting to sign up for the gym and get ready for the summer holiday you've booked for and for the meantime, I kind of love not wearing jeans and tight dresses at the moment. Here are a few things that I have picked from Femme luxe that have kindly been gifted and I love each and every piece that I have chosen.

Camel Crop Loungewear Set | Two piece set

I picked up this gorgeous loungewear set from Femme Luxe in a tan colour they also have two fabulous colours including tan and khaki. I am obsessed with them and have worn this every single day since I got these ( I have washed them don’t worry!) it’s nice to wear clothes where you can feel good and also look good at the same time. I do tend to wear my boyfriends top at the weekend with a bun up, and while other girls look cute, I end up looking like Miss Trunchbull. I feel confident in this loungewear, and though you feel relaxed when at home, when walking past a mirror with no makeup on, it does make you feel like crap at times, so this loungewear set makes me feel a little better. It is my favourite set I have ever owned so thank you so much, Femme Luxe.

As you can tell, I do love my glitter, and I purchased this high neck glitter top with a gorgeous open back. I matched this up with skinny jeans or ever leather trousers. It’s perfect for the festive season or going out on the town. It’s a very comfortable fit, plus I love the back because it adds a little extra detail to the top.

Black Faux Leather Look Leggings

I have always wanted a pair of leather leggings, and these are remarkably comfortable. I’m not too keen on leather trousers because they can be quite tight and I do have chunky calves which we will not talk about due to it being the festive season. I have loved leggings since I was little, I always end up with holes in them especially in the awkward places. I think these go well with a baggy T-shirt, a going-out top or a large jumper.

Black Sequin Mesh Overlay Bodysuit

Bodysuits are the best invention in the world. I find tops don't have the same feeling as bodysuits they don't look right, especially when you tuck them in. Bodysuits are seriously on another level! I adore the detailing of the ribbed mesh bodysuit, and the sequins make it that extra special. It's perfect when you want a 'nice top' going with a pair of jeans. I feel very glamorous in this bodysuit and have already got a lot of compliments wearing this.

I have truly loved the loungewear set most of all because it’s so comfortable and also I am going to purchase the khaki set too. I wanted to get a variety of clothing, and I can honestly say that I find each clothing from the tops, dresses and loungewear has come in perfect condition. I would 100% recommend them.


Thursday, 19 December 2019

Purchasing My First Christmas Jumper

I don’t know if anyone knows, but I am slightly obsessed with cats. Surprisingly, I wasn’t keen on them when I was younger as I remember stroking my neighbour’s cat and he scratched my arm and I bled which scarred me for a long time. I have forgiven them now, and quite literally obsessed with them.

Christmas is my absolute favourite though something I have thought to myself the other day is that I do not have any nor have I ever owned a Christmas jumper. I am not a huge fan of them as such as nothing has ever caught my eye. I do love crazy and ‘out there’ jumpers especially fluffy or glittery ones. After searching for what seems like forever, I finally found the purrrfect (spoiler!) Christmas jumper for me.

Amazon has an incredible collection of Christmas jumpers, and I managed to find one that was me to a T. It's from fpengfashion and is the Merry Catmas Sweatshirt. I was so thrilled and could not resist getting it. Due to not having the best of luck with buying clothes online, I decided to do some research before purchasing. I have had certain clothes that have been nothing like what is was pictured, so doing research does help a lot. I was delighted to see there was a review, and thank goodness I saw this. They advised purchasing a large size if you are a medium fit and the image on the sweater is bigger too. Reviews help soo much.

Harry has Prime meaning I got this next day, which I may say is the best thing in the world, especially near Christmas time and need of a crisis. Once the jumper arrived, I immediately tried this on, and it was the softest jumper I have ever worn. The jumper felt incredible especially for the price that it's at, and I have never bought any clothing from Amazon so I was ecstatic for it to be just as perfect. 

Like the reviewer mentioned, the image is larger than it looked on the original image though it wasn't too obvious and buying a larger was the perfect fit. I find large jumpers extremely snug anyway plus if Ariana Grande can pull it off, why can’t we? The design is quite basic it features a bunch of cats on top of each other in the shape of a Christmas tree, with the highest cat reaching fit the star. Oh, and it also says Merry Catmas too, which makes it even better. 

Overall, I am super happy this is my first Christmas jumper. For the price it is at, you could not expect anything more. My advice is to research if you are going to purchase clothes from amazon and be wary of the sizing too.

Do you have a favourite Christmas jumper? If so, what style do you prefer? 


Sunday, 8 December 2019

Gifted | Christmas Party Dresses

It's officially December! We're on that countdown to Christmas (also my birthday!!) which means it's acceptable to eat chocolate in the morning and bang out those Christmas tunes. I am ready though I have been ready for a while and yes, I did put my tree up in November - I could not wait. 

That also means it's time for those work Christmas parties meaning you have an excuse to buy a new outfit. I am one of those that have clothes in my wardrobe, but when it's a new event, it is a must that I have new clothes. Along with parties, I also find the big day to be a challenge on what to wear too. It's hard when you're the Kim K of the family and by that, I mean the one who overdresses and that is me, for sure.

I do love a dress and pretty much any excuse to get dressed up, and I wanted to share some gorgeous dresses from Femme Luxeand they have gifted four beautiful dresses, and I have chosen ones that best describe me. I adore all the dresses that I have chosen, and I know that I will wear these many times for various events and I am super excited to wear these about too.

They have a wide range of clothes where you can either feel super cosy from the ice-cold weather with their cosy Co-Ords or if you love being extra, like me, then check their fabulous Glitter Dresses featuring bodycons and one-shoulder dresses, you will not be disappointed. 

They also have a gorgeous range of Christmas Party Dresses where you can choose your style and look your absolute best. The four that I have chose are a great mix of comfiness and confidence, I would never use to buy dresses like this but it's time to be you and outshine yourself by looking fabulous. Christmas for me, is all about glitter, cute dresses and looking stylish so this right up my street.

I want to wear this dress every single day! This glitter cross back dress has got me ready for those Christmas parties, and I do feel the pink hair goes with this dress too. I feel like a superstar in this dress and love the detailing on the cross back design. This dress is a perfect fit, I was worried this would be tight on me, but it is so snug.  I was impressed as soon as I opened it from the detailing and the material. 

A black satin dress is something that we all need in our lives, and I am obsessed with this dress, the material and feel of the dress is sooo comfortable. The long sleeve design gives you that extra warmth meaning you can say bye-bye to bringing your coat with you in this chilly weather. I love how the dress is draped on the top meaning you can wear your comfiest bra and then ends it with a bodycon style for the booty area, I feel completely elegant in this dress.

I would not usually go for a dress like this, but I want to start being more daring with dresses. I love the corset style plus it is a great fit too for a corset, again I was worried it would be tight around my ribs, but I am so impressed how each comfortable each dress has been. Perfect with nude heels, you will look dazzling in this dress.

Can you gather that I love bodycon dresses yet? Featuring an elasticated puff sleeve with a hook eye bodice, you will not regret buying this. I feel very womanly in this dress. The dress surprisingly flatters my non-existent hips and makes very me happy. I cannot wait to wear this and think this may be the dress for Christmas Day! A dress that has long sleeves has all my love anyway. 

I am obsessed with each dress and have been planning on when I can wear each one and sometimes have the excuse to try them on for fun because why the hell not?! I cannot wait to feel all glam for Christmas and I am so ready for them to not fit me in a few weeks from all the food I will be eating throughout this month who else is with me?? 
What dress is your favourite and do you have the perfect dress for the Christmas party?

*These dresses have kindly been gifted however all opinions are my own and I genuinely am so pleased with material of the dress and how they look on me.

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