Monday, 8 July 2019

7 Tips To Make Home Decluttering Easier

I love a clean home, and since having my own house, I am obsessed with cleaning and organising.  The thing that I find hardest in decluttering is seeing where to start and when I see a mess my mind isn't calm until it's clear but how do you start? What can you do to make it less stressful? Here are some tips I have learnt on the way that may help you.

Sell your clothes
One thing that I struggle with is getting rid of clothes, and I noticed that I had clothes from 8 years ago. It's hard getting rid of them, but I found there was an app where you can sell your clothes. Depop and Vinted are a fantastic way of making money. You'll be surprised by how much you can make, take good quality pictures of your clothes and be realistic with how good/bad the quality is. It's helped a lot with making money and also getting rid of the clothes. 

Make a list
I love a good list, and it is so satisfying when you're ticking off the list away. I find having a list for each room is a lot less stressful too. You can tackle each problem, and have all your focus on that one room.

Buy a label maker
 My inner ‘Monica Bing’ coming out, but these are honestly the best things ever.  Everything gets put into a home from labelling bills to other mail to even labelling the use-by date on food - my mind felt so cleansed seeing all that organisation for about 2 minutes.

Bin that lonely sock
One sock alone and the next week it becomes a family of odd socks. WHERE DO THEY ALL GO? I seriously don't get it and how I keep losing them. I've realised that the best thing to do is buy black socks then it doesn't matter. I counted all my boyfriend's odd socks, and it was over ten that have gone missing, it's like some sock ghost comes in and steals them.

Stick to one room
It's a lot easier when you stick to one room. You can focus on each room carefully and go through everything.  I love when you find random crap because you end up cleaning your room wearing those sunglasses you had as a kid looking like Lewis Capaldi.

Buy baskets
Now don’t tell me watching Mrs Hinch’s Instagram stories makes you want baskets where everything is in its place. They make you feel organised AF. There are so many sizes for different purposes too. It is a lifesaver, and you will not regret buying one.

Have no screens around you
I get way too distracted when I have my phone with me I feel like I need a break every 10 minutes from cleaning, I don't realise that I waste a hell of a time just scrolling through Twitter for no reason. Having no screens not only means you're focused, but you can get the job done quicker.

Do you have any other tips to share? Have you found these tips help?


Friday, 14 June 2019

Meat Inc. - Lincolnshire's Hidden Gem of a Restaurant

Meat Inc is a modern twist on the classic diner and passionate about burger. The authentic hamburger diner and is a hidden gem based in Lincolnshire. 15 miles north from Lincoln, this place is the perfect pit stop for when you need petrol and hungry for some grub. Unfortunately, Meat inc are closing down BUT I am going to show you how fantastic Meat Inc is and that you need to go before they close on July 28 though you never know they could make a comeback at some point!

They are the only restaurant in Lincolnshire that are Carbon Free Dining ambassadors. Not only that, they do there share to help the environment by having 100% of there own electricity from renewable sources, compostable coffee cups, takeaway contains and straws and they also have LED bulbs. It is refreshing to have a restaurant that not only provides delicious food, but they are also doing there bit for the environment, whether it’s small or big every little helps.

Harry and I love a road trip, especially when food is involved and could not wait to devour the food. When we arrived, I was obsessed with the style of the restaurant and the artwork all over the walls. For drinks, I went for a cherry soda, and Harry got a Brooklyn beer. Meat Inc does a variety of drinks, and the cherry soda caught my eye the most. In the UK we rarely get cherry sodas, so I was excited to try this and thoroughly enjoyed it. They are from a brand called 'Soda Folk'.

I went for nachos for starters, they came with a choice of chilli, pulled pork or veggie chilli and of course got the pulled pork. The nachos did not disappoint, it had the right amount of cheese and pork, and also came with a sour cream and guacamole dip. Harry got chicken wings and when I say big I mean BIG, in that they were huge and I would highly recommend sharing the chicken wings. I am quite picky with chicken wings though these were delicious and very lean.

I always think with my belly than my head and get way too excited about food, anyone else the same? For mains I got the beef dip, this was unbelievable, this was a grilled sandwich with brisket beef, swiss cheese and onions with gravy dip. Yes, you heard correctly, GRAVY dip and fries. I was full towards the end, although I highly recommend this dish, especially if you want to try something different.
Harry got the meat inc burger which came with 6oz beef patties, pulled pork and house pickles - if you want nothing too crazy, this would be up your street. When we saw there were a fair few different types of chips we had to try the katsu chips, the curry sauce was sweet and mild with crispy bits of chicken, I was impressed and wanted more of it.

While we felt like our stomachs were getting bigger and bigger, we decided to share a chocolate fudge cake which came with vanilla ice cream and was a perfect dessert to end the perfect time here.

My experience was incredible, the service was really welcoming, the food was delicious. They also do breakfast too which I am definitely going back to try this, and I would recommend you try this out before they sadly go.

*This was kindly gifted however all opinions are my own.

Friday, 31 May 2019

Pampering Myself With Bath and Soap | Gifted

Now and then (every night), my favourite thing to do is to have a bath. There is nothing more relaxing than pouring out that bubble bath and making your bath so hot that you end up red as Mr Krabs once you get out. I love baths especially when you go all out with music and oils I'm literally like Chandler in Friends when he discovers baths.

They are so much more than just washing your bits and bobs, it relaxes your body while it cleanses your mind and makes you feel 100% better, for me it certainly does. I was thrilled to receive products from Bath and Soaps. They provide a wide range of bath accessories from bath soaps to essential oil blends and there is so much choice on their website.

I adored their packaging there wasn't a lot going on as sometimes you can get more of the packaging than the product itself. It was very creative with using an egg carton for their bath eggs, and the chocolate oil slice wasn't damaged too, I could not wait to try these.

Bath eggs

I got the mixed bath eggs to which I think is a fantastic product because you can try each one to know which one is your favourite, ready to buy for next time. All eggs smell beautiful with each egg having a different scent, though I love the cherry one a little more than the others. They fizz right through leaving no clumps and no stains from their colouring too.

Olive Oil Artisan Soap Slices

Now as a chocolate lover, I had to get the chocolate olive oil artisan soap slice, the smell of chocolate is my absolute favourite. These soaps are handmade made from vegetable oils that have many beneficial properties for the skin. This left my skin feeling incredibly soft and smelt gorgeous too. These soaps are also SLS and paraben free.

I certainly will be using these for a long time, and will definitely be buying these in the future. They are all very reasonably priced and if you want 10% off, you can use my code: Jw10. Let me know what you get!

*This product was kindly gifted - all opinions are my own.


    Wednesday, 22 May 2019

    How To Save Money Whilst Travelling

    Travelling is a life-changing experience. You get to see the world, and you're learning so much too. It's the worst feeling once you're back home and have that urge to go back and keep travelling.

    It can be also be expensive. Harry and I have done some stupid things while we were travelling and I am a little grateful as I know never to do it again and I would love to share with you all what I went through and hopefully you won't have to too.

    Share food

    Sharing food as a couple or even with friends helps a lot. Harry and I do share food a lot anyway, and it saves money, especially when being on holiday. The food is a big part when you're travelling,  you're experiencing what their culture is, and it's a must. I love snacking my way through the day and then getting a big meal in the evening. I find my eyes are bigger than my stomach, so by sharing we are saving money and not getting as full and ready for the meal later.

    Be flexible 

    I understand this hard for a lot of people but there is always time you can get off work and by going on a holiday mid-week really helps you save a lot. The joys of not having kids mean you can go abroad whenever and wherever you want. Booking your holiday when the kids are at school can save a lot too.

    Don't think you have to stay in the centre

    The whole point of travelling is exploring. It's expensive to stay in the city centre, and you're right in the tourist parts too. The right amount is a few miles away because you're not too far, and it's full of life with authenticness right in front of you. You get to see what goes on and you'll be keeping fit too by all that walking.

    Don't get the best room

    There are times where you can get that gorgeous hotel from spas or going for an all-inclusive holiday, and it doesn't mean getting the worst room ever, you only need a place to sleep. The hotel isn't that important when travelling. As long as you got a good bed and wifi, then you're all okay. Exploring a city is tons better, and you'll be ready to sleep after a long day.

    Take back meaningful memorabilia

    We have never bought anything from those 'I LOVE NYC' type of shops for memories. We have always brought back something that means to us like a train ticket or a funky drinks bottle. We have the most random things that we have brought back from holiday, but only we get what it means which I find more special.

    Public transport

    I admit I was a little snobby about public transport as I've always had the worst experiences from them, but after doing it, it's not that bad plus it's far cheaper than taxis. 

    The tube in London gives me such anxiety and don't think I will ever get the hang of it. The Subway, however, was nothing what I expected, everything seems more chill, and it just seems a lot simpler to get around. Plus you can not say no to going to Jersey from NYC for only $5.  I think I've experienced every transport now (I would not recommend a coach in America though), but it's a lot cheaper, and you're living life as they are. 

    Make a realistic budget and stick to it

    Keeping a budget was a huge problem we had when we first went travelling. We got too carried away and was nearly broke. Having a budget is hard, especially as you want to enjoy yourself and experience everything but remember that it's not going to go away and you can always go back. Having a strict budget means you can plan ahead, try to focus on where you are rather than thinking about what you can get. 

    Have you made any bad decisions with money whilst traveling? Or are you tight with your money?


    Wednesday, 15 May 2019

    Ask Italian Review

    I love eating out and decided I wanted to start reviewing restaurants more because I do eat out quite often and love food so much and wanted to share my experience with you all.

    I am a little fussy when it comes to chain restaurants as they can start off being one of the best to then always changing their menu and then going downhill hence why a lot are suddenly closing down. It has never been the case for Ask Italian.  I have always been a fan from the style of their restaurant, the food and the variety of drinks - I have never been disappointed and certainly was not let down by my previous visit.

    We were welcomed with a small shot of lemonade which I've never had at a restaurant before and was eager to buy this right away and got the raspberry lemonade which was sweet and delicious.

    For starters, I saw the chance to obtain as much cheese as I can with the Cheese Fonduta - a rich cheese fondue, crowned with a garlic and herb crumb, served with warm dough sticks. YUM. I am obsessed with cheese, but only melted or cheese flavoured things, but would never eat a block of cheese. The starter was orgasmic, to say the least, I couldn't fault it.

    I always try and never order anything that I can easily make or had a lot of times and go for something different. For mains, I got the crispy pancetta and asparagus in a velvety sauce made with mascarpone, pecorino and riserva cheeses and of course, I said yes to a lot of parmesan. I honestly would've eaten this again straight after I had it. I would give this 9/10 I feel if it had chicken, it would've been perfect though I loved how creamy it was.

    Due to still having a lot of Easter eggs back at home, I decided to not get a dessert, but I left pleasantly full and happy from the service throughout.

    What is your favourite restaurant to eat out?


    Wednesday, 8 May 2019

    Where To Eat In Amsterdam

    Amsterdam is a hidden gem. From the gorgeous scenery with the canals and buildings to the Red Light District full of exotic shops and women in the windows waiting for a good time, I guess. The last thing that I thought would be the best part is the food, and it is remarkable.

    Our hotel was three miles from the city centre, and we impressively managed to walk there and back for two days though it was worth seeing everything in and around Amsterdam. My Steps app was probably shook by how many steps I was doing that weekend, and I don't blame them. Amsterdam is one of the most stunning places I have ever been to, it has a Manhattan vibe to it and what I love most about travelling is the non-touristy parts because it's so authentic and real.

    I wanted to discuss the food that I had in Amsterdam and let you know where and what there is. Sit back and enjoy and I hope you're not too hungry because you will be after seeing my pictures.

    Albert Cyup market

    We chose to go here on our last day, and I was a little upset because I didn't know how bloody fabulous this place is. This market is nearly a half a mile long or probably more as it felt we were walking for ages.

    I have found my new fave which is a Stroopwaffle, this is a thin waffle and inside is glazed with caramel and is best served warm. There is so much variety from Kibbeling to Poffertjes, which are those cute mini pancakes and I sure did get them covered in Nutella. It is super cheap too, between Harry and I, we had $20, and by the end, we were full and still had money left over.

    NOTE: If you're eager to try a Stroopwaffle, they sell them at Lidl's.

    Grizzly Bear

    I honestly thought this was the best burger I have ever had, well it's in my top five to say the least. The burger was full of flavour and moist. Harry said it was okay, but I honestly fell in love with this burger.

    We also got a hotdog and bitterballen though I wasn't too keen on them. This is based near the Red Light District.

    The Pancake Bakery

    I've heard so many great reviews about this place and was eager to try this. The Pancake Bakery had a huge queue outside, so from there I knew it would be the place to be.

    Harry ordered a pancake which had bacon and onions, and this was more like an omelette than a pancake. I, however, made a fantastic choice. I ordered the 'Dutch' pancake, and it was expensive but worth it. The pancake had mini stroopwaffles with chocolate flakes, ice cream and whipped cream. Delicious.

    Vlaamse Frites

    OMG. That is how I can explain how good these chips are. If anyone knows me, they would know that chips are my favourite food in the world. These are probably the best chips that I have ever had, and Amsterdam has so many of these around the city.

    They're popular with mayonnaise and satay sauce, which may sound strange, but trust me, it's not as weird as it's delightful and so god damn tasty. I want to fly back so I can eat them again.

    Where is you favourite place to eat in Amsterdam?

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