Tuesday, 11 December 2018

My Top 5 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend songs

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has become my absolute favourite, I have watched this in over a year, and I am so glad that I found this,  I am not a huge fan of musicals, but I am obsessed now. It's a shame the current season is their final ever though I do get where they are going with the show, I will miss this and the fantastic songs they produce each episode. The show is brilliant itself, and I am also obsessed with the soundtrack.

I have been playing the soundtrack out of my car nonstop and wanted to share my top 5 favourites with you all.

Sexy Getting Ready Song. As you would all know, this was from the first episode from season one, and once I saw this song, I instantly knew that this show was for me. It's witty, sexy and shows you what it's like getting ready for us girls - it's not pretty!

FriendTopia. Squad goals or what?! Not only is this a catchy tune, but they have also gone and done a Spice Girls tribute. The only thing that I think would've been better is for Paula to be in this too. I honestly don't think there's been a day where I haven't played this.

I Go To The Zoo. Oh, Nathaniel. I couldn't stand him at first. I wanted Greg back but after he gave us this banger... I think I love him a tiny bit more than Greg (sorry, Greg!) This song just made me love him and made me realise he is a cutie. 

Sex With A Stranger. Not only is the song hilarious, but the video is also iconic. Rachel Bloom is just absolutely comedy gold. I think it's the line 'is that a gun? Oh thank god, it's just your penis' that gets me. Brilliant. 

A Boy Band Made Up of Four Joshes. The song brought back the nostalgic 90's feeling. It's hilarious and very catch. If you see me driving, you will find me singing this song. Out loud. With no shame... but paying attention of course.

Have you seen Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and do you have a favourite song??


Thursday, 6 December 2018

Top 5 | British Comedies 90s - 00s

If I could watch one type of shows, it would be British Sitcoms. I adore them. I have watched them from such a young age and find them hilarious. They're used to be a lot of British comedy shows on TV, and I am not keen on the ones that on TV these days, though I do love This Country if you haven't seen that, it is on BBC Three and it is hilarious.

Before Gogglebox we had The Royle Family. This show is about a family from Manchester sitting in their lounge watching TV all day, and it's as simple as that.  What I love about this show is that all they do is watch TV and it goes to show it's not always about what you're doing, and you can engage the audience without it being over the top. You can watch this and see parts of yourself or your family in this, I love that it's not this 'perfect' family, there are arguments, bad language and having dinner on the sofa.

My all-time favourite show ever. I honestly adore Rik Mayall. I've watched this show since I can remember, it's crude, but I love it. The bottom was created and starred by Rik Mayall and Ade Edmonson, who also did The Young Ones - which is also a fantastic programme. The show involves two middle-aged men desperate to find their 'bird' causing mayhem and living in their pit together.  Not to everyone's liking but I think this is a fantastic programme.

'Get back you bastard, or I'll break your legs!'. One of a kind. Many fantastic quotes that I use to this day, still. Peter Kay at his finest, a show about a working men's club. It's the characters that make the show which had Max & Paddy which became a spin-off later on. I hope and would love if they did a reunion.

This comedy was about two thirtysomethings trying to be something they are not. Linda, a redhead who thinks she is 'God's gift' but in reality, she has no job and no life aspects but just pictures of Liam Gallagher on her bedroom wall. Tom, the loveable gay, dreams to be an actor and wants more to life than living with Linda, where really, Linda is all he has. I get the Bottom vibe from this show, two lonesome people living together, hating life and beating each other up. Love it.

ather Ted Crilly, Father Dougal McGuire and Father Jack Hackett live together in Craggy Island. You will always find the Christmas special near the festive season on Channel 4, and it's truly amazing. I love each episode and especially love when Graham Norton is on them. Feck. Arse. Girls.

Are you a fan of British comedy?


Sunday, 25 November 2018

My Autumnal Makeup Look

When it comes to getting ready, it's one of my favourite things to do. Though I rarely go out these days, I put makeup on for fun most times (hope I'm not the only one! ha). As it's autumn, I am obsessed with orange and dark reds for eyeshadow, and I wanted to talk through what makeup bits I currently use and also loving at the moment. 

For foundation, I have been using different ones each time and trying to see what my favourite is. So far, my all time favourite is Pro Longerwear Foundation by MAC but for this look, I used Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation, and I highly recommend this foundation. It gives an evenly look and stays on my skin throughout the day.  

I have a lot of love for eyeshadow. Even when I have days where I cannot be bothered to put much makeup on, I still end up with a bold eyeshadow and looking like a contestant on Ru Paul and have zero regrets. On my recent purchase, I bought an eyeshadow palette (Beauty Glazed Sunset Dusk) from Amazon for £5.88, and it's probably the best makeup purchase that I have ever bought. For something so cheap, it's phenomenal. The palette has 15 vibrant and glittery shadows, the pigment is incredible, and I cannot fault this one bit.

I use Maybelline Lash Sensational for Mascara, I try changing my mascaras, but it never works and ends up with me going back to the Lash Sensational. I am tempted to buy the Benefit mascara as I have heard a lot of good things about that.

Eyebrows are very important to me as I have a scar and can get paranoid when the makeup doesn't hide this. I tend to use Brow Zings by Benefit but I am trying to save up, so it's high street makeup for me for the meantime. I am currently using Revolution Eyebrow Pomade to which I would give it a 6 out of 10. It's okay, but it takes so long to get my brows right.

For concealer, it's the one and the only Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. You cannot go wrong with this, it's cheap (though I am sure it's getting higher in price every time I buy it ) and the best concealer I have ever used. 

I also use this MAC Mineralise Skinfinish Highlighter, the is an absolute dream, I use this for my nose and everywhere else as it's sooo pretty and finally for a finished look, I use the Maybelline Superstar Setting Spray.

I rarely wear lipstick as I have no lips #sadtimes

I hope you enjoyed this post and do let me know if you use these too or know any other makeup products that are good and cheap too!!


Sunday, 11 November 2018

COMPETITION TIME : Win This TapouT Bundle

With winter ahead I have postponed going outside to exercise and have started to workout in my living room due to not being able to afford the gym after travelling around America and buying a new house. I have to admit that I have been slacking a lot and with now being 20 miles away from my job, I do find it very hard to find the time, and not only that it can be harder knowing what exercises you can do in your own home.

I have the perfect giveaway for you from TapouT. They are fantastic for the gym or even doing this right in your living room. Firstly, I have been using these for a week and not only grateful for these, but I genuinely don't know how I would cope without these now.

Unfortunately, I am not body confident and want my arms to be toned. I have been using Harry's dumbbells for some time now, and my hands have always been sore along making it unbearable to use after a few goes.  The TapouT Weightlifting Fitness Gym Gloves are phenomenal. They have adjustable straps which give a perfect fit along with an excellent grip. The material of the gloves give added comfort and durability, and I am no longer struggling with the friction of the dumbbell.

I have always wanted a resistance band as I do squats pretty much every day and I can get an achy back after a while of doing these. The material is very tough which at first, I did struggle but only because my legs are very weak. The TapouT Hip Circle Resistance Glute Band is perfect for squats and side steps, I have also been trying out different ways to use these, and it has become a routine for me which I am loving and would thoroughly recommend. 

You can enter below for a chance to win these, and this will end November 23rd. GOOD LUCK!!

Win this TapouT bundle! #4


*PR Sample and sponsored post.


Monday, 5 November 2018

Thank You, Big Brother

I wanted to do a short post about Big Brother as not only is it the final tonight, it's the last one ever. I know, we have had this before, back in 2010, Big Brother ended on Channel 4 to which luckily it was taken over by Channel 5. 

Big Brother has been a part of my life, I remember my sister watching some show with a bunch of people sat in a room talking to each other and then the next day Nasty Nick was all over the news for being kicked out for writing down the housemates names and showing them to other housemates in attempt to influence their voting intentions. 

Shortly after, Big Brother 2 started, and from this day, this is still my favourite one ever. It had the one and only, Brian Dowling along with other fantastic housemates such as the 'I don't like blinking' from Helen Adams. This series was so raw and fresh to see everyday people locked in a house, being themselves, and trying to win some money. It was a simple show yet so addicting. I was very young watching this, being only 8-year-old but there was something about that was so fascinating, and I was instantly hooked.

When Channel 5 decided to end Big Brother earlier this year, I wasn't too shocked. This show has and always will be my favourite even though the past series or so has not been exactly amazing. We saw 'everyday people' to people who were fame-obsessed and there was no originality. I don't want to see people who have been on 'Ex on the Beach' or some other reality show.

Unfortunately, I feel out of love watching Big Brother however they surprisingly made this years probably one of the best in a long with keeping it original, having people who have 'normal' jobs and also having fantastic tasks like they used to do. 

I have a feeling it could come back, but please if it does, don't ruin it because it's so easy to do that. Thank you, BB for your constant entertainment. 


Sunday, 4 November 2018

8 Reasons Why Staying in is Better Than Going Out

It's less than two months before Christmas, the clocks have gone back, and it's time to freeze our tits off. Not going to lie, I love winter and the coldness, it's cosy and my birthday is coming up too...though I am going to be 25. WHY GOD WHY?! Anyway, I wanted to give my reasons on why staying inside your own home is way better than going out on the lash. What is not to love about ordering a takeaway and watching a chick flick and crying your eyes out??

No can judge what you're wearing. You can wear those crazy cat pyjamas (yes, I have those) or your boyfriend's t-shirt with nothing else on or even nothing at all ... No-one will know a thing. 

You save money. Apart from spending money on the takeaways, chocolates and a little alcohol but still it's way cheaper than paying to get inside the club, the number of drinks you buy and that taxi. More money you save means the more sides you can get in the takeaway.

You'll wake up fresher than ever. There is nothing worse than waking up with a terrible headache, feeling like you're going to puke your guts out and your mouth drier than the safari desert. You'll be waking up feeling fresh and ready to the start the day.

You won't get any creeps near you. You're in your house where you are much safer and won't get any creepy people talking to you whether that's a guy chatting you up or bitchy girls giving you the evils. You're freeeeeee.

Pamper nights are the one. A hot bubble bath is the best thing in the world especially in the winter along with having candles and a face mask on.  Not only will be relaxed AF but you'll also be looking and feeling brand new.

Netflix and chill. Honestly the name in the title says it all and no, I don't mean the sexual one. Not always, anyway.

Trash TV. Again, nobody can judge you for what you want to watch, sometimes when I need a cry I watch a cheesy romantic film or binge-watch the real housewives because sometimes that is all you need in life, right?

Invite your favourite people over. You can talk without shouting. You can be with the ones you need a good gossip with the most and watch your favourite movies.

Are you a hermit or love to get mortal??


Sunday, 28 October 2018

7 Tips For Your First Time In Las Vegas

After sharing my tips for New York I have decided to do some for Las Vegas, there isn't as many but it's vital to know these before visiting somewhere different and believe me when I say this... Las Vegas is on a whole new level of different. Love it or hate it, it's a breathtaking city full of gambling and hot weather.

Get a month where it's not bloody hot. It was around 40/45 degrees while we were in Las Vegas. Never have I been in such a hot place before and never have I appreciated cold water because as soon as you buy a bottle of water, 10 seconds in, it'll get warm. I've heard the best months to go to Las Vegas is from March to May and September to November. I struggled so much touring around and was dripping sweat like it was no tomorrow.

Don't accept any cards that are given to you... unless you like that kind of thing. Shocked ain't the word. You're strolling along in the evening on the strip, and you get given a card, only this isn't any standard type of card. It's for escorts. And what was even more shocking is that it's full of men and women around 50 - 70-year-old handing these out. It's absurd. I also saw a young girl who picked one up from the floor and put it in her pocket, boy, I would love to see her parents face when they're doing the washing.

Don't be fooled with how close buildings look. We stayed at Circus Circus which was the furthest hotel out the lot. I couldn't wait to explore Las Vegas, we got a taxi from the airport to the hotel, and it was a 15-minute drive, and this cost $40. I was NOT happy. Meanwhile, the only choice we had was to walk in the sweltering heat, and the buildings don't look that far away at all. Anyway, cut a long story short if you're planning to stay at Circus Circus, a walk to Ceasers Palace is 2 miles and took us nearly two hours, probably because I was struggling though. 

Rent a car. Annoyingly, when we rented a car, it was the last day of  staying in Vegas. The traffic seemed the smoothest in Vegas. They rarely beep, and there is not a lot of traffic.  Driving is not that bad (Harry's words, not mine, I didn't dare to drive with it being on the wrong side).

Your hotel doesn't include 'resort fee'. A 5 hour flight and a $40 taxi trip to the hotel later, we finally got to Circus Circus to be then told that we had to pay for a resort fee. Excuse me?! Resort fee is supposedly the extras of the hotel. $35 for each night, I was a teeny tiny bit fuming, but I was in Vegas, baby! 

Smoking is allowed in hotels. I wasn't too fussed. As a Brit who is used to no smoking inside, I was a little stunned to see it, and I was glad that we have it banned because blimey, it stinks. But if you're a smoker, then you'd be happy.

Enjoy the moment. You will not find anything like Vegas. It is one of a kind, and you need an open mind to go there. Embrace the uniqueness because there is nothing like it. I loved it. I get why some people wouldn't be a fan, but you got to go with the flow. Do a little gambling and have a drink... though don't get too drunk and get those cards ;)

I hope these tips were useful. Have you been before or about to go anytime soon?

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