Sunday, 22 July 2018

Pho & Bun // Review

It's hard to find real authentic Vietnamese food however I think I know I have found the perfect place that provides not only mouth-watering food, but that's affordable too. Located in Shaftesbury Avenue, Pho & Bun is walking distance from many West End Theatres and is amongst other popular places such as Soho and ChinaTown.

I was kindly invited to try out their 3-course set menu, this included; two starters, a main, one dessert and a drink. As soon as I stepped into the restaurant, I could immediately smell such beautiful food that the chefs were cooking, and I couldn't wait to see what was on the menu. The restaurant had both an upstairs and downstairs, and we were seated downstairs near the bar. The upstairs seemed pretty chilled and more of a lunchtime spot, however, the downstairs felt a lot more private which was perfect for dates or with a group of friends. I found the restaurant was a lot smaller than I had imagined but this gave it a much more intimate feel.

The downstairs had a bar meaning you can get your service right away as most restaurants base their bars upstairs, once seated we were introduced to the manager, Andy. He provided us with the set menu. Set menus can be hard to pull off, but I was drawn to each dish and found it hard to make a decision.

Firstly, before we picked our food we went straight to the drinks, as it was a beautiful sunny day, I chose to have the home-made lemonade, and I could not fault this one bit. It was a simple lemonade drink and I enjoyed it that much I ordered another one straight after.

I had the choice to pick two starters, I was excited as there was too much choice and would've struggled to pick one. The manager recommended the squid, and I was curious to try this out. Along with the squid, I had picked the honey glazed ribs, and Harry had chosen sticky honey wings.

The starters came in a small dish, and my mouth was salivating. The squid isn't everyone's favourite, but I loved it. It was soft yet crispy and perfectly cooked too, this came with a lemon which enhanced the flavour. The ribs were also outstanding, they were succulent and tender, this was very different from the American style of ribs, but I could not fault this dish whatsoever.

Harry had the squid too and chose the honey glazed wings, he said that out of everything this was his favourite dish. The chicken wing was a great portion size with a hint of spice, they do not exaggerate the honey glaze to which you can really taste this. The chicken had a crispy tasty skin and was also very juicy.

When it came to the main dish, I was torn between several dishes as they all sounded phenomenal, in the end, I got the Crispy Tiger Prawn Bao burger. With it being Vietnamese style, the bao burger was a steamed bun, and this was so soft and airy.  The burger was full of refreshing flavours, though I was sceptical at first with pineapple being in the burger along with pickles and wasabi mayonnaise, the combination of these worked perfectly together.

Harry had the honey glazed pork belly vermicelli he said this was a good portion size with a fantastic balance of meat, noodles and salad along with the flavour too. The dish was very filling and was the perfect amount, the pork was tender and lean. We shared sweet potato chips with a dip of chilli mayonnaise, and though I am not a huge fan of sweet potato chips, they were probably one of the best  I have had in a long time.

Towards the dessert I was feeling pleasantly full however as always I was ready for it. I decided to go for the frozen yoghurt, I have never had frozen yoghurt before, and you can definitely tell the difference between that and ice cream. Though I found it different, there was syrup mixed into this, and I feel this had complimented the frozen yoghurt and worked well together. Harry had a caramel flan, again, I have never had this before, and I was astonished at how delicious this was and enjoyed this more than my dessert.

For a restaurant that does a three-course set menu for £23.95, I was exceptionally pleased, you would not usually find this in the centre of London. It's a small restaurant filled with regulars along with superb staff who regularly checked we're okay and asking if we have had enough food/drinks. The food was incredible and had a real authentic feel. I went with an open mind, and this had made me want to try new food more. I would give this a solid 8/10.

*I was kindly invited to eat at Pho & Bun however all views are my own and I would definitely come back as a paying customer.


Thursday, 12 July 2018

How to overcome a bad week

Some days can be pretty shitty, and those days can last for a good week or so, but that's okay. Not everyone is going to have the best day every single day, I wish that could happen, though without these types of days, you don't learn in life and overcome certain situations when you deal with them yourself.

A little update...
I apologise that I've been a little quiet lately. Last week was pretty terrible for me, but on a side note, Harry and I are currently in the process of moving into our first bought house YAYYYYY. 

You ask why it's been a bad week? Well, where do I begin...
Firstly, we had to deal with solicitors who were an absolute pain in the arse however despite things getting in the way, I am so over it and cannot wait to move into our house.

Secondly, how fantastic was England in the world cup?! I loved seeing everyone come together and celebrate, nevertheless, this does not excuse drunk idiots near where we live cheering/arguing and throwing stones at each other at one in the morning.

Cut a long story short, the windscreen on the car was damaged. Brilliant. 
So, I hope you can understand to why I was a little quiet along with also being on and having anxiety added into the mix, I just needed some well-needed space.

Here are some ways how I tried to overcome my week:

Learn from your mistakes...
This week has made me think quite a lot. It made me realise how difficult things can be and how strong of a person it can make you in the outcome of it all. You can either walk away from the situation or stand tall and deal with it. Harry and I were close to calling it off to getting our new house, but I am so glad we didn't. I have learnt that you don't need to rush everything and things will fall into its place when it's ready. 

Remove yourself from negativity...
I know that I am a negative person at times. When a situation is stressful, my 'Nikki Grahame' can come out. I try and keep my cool, except I have such a short attention span, and I was shocked to see how I bad I react to certain situations. Taking yourself out of the room and controlling on your breathing can help a lot. I want to try and not let anyone get the better of me anymore and want to start to be more positive.

Remember that tomorrow is a new day...
Try and remember that yes, the situation you're currently in is pretty much like riding a bicycle with no wheels on but keep thinking that this will end and you can start a fresh day tomorrow or even the next day. A situation doesn't get easy within five minutes, it can take days or even weeks, remember to not be too hard on yourself and a new day will be here shortly.

Talk it out...
Nobody will understand how you're feeling and talking it through to someone may not help the situation, but it can help you feel a lot calmer. It's so much better than bottling it all up. Though I am crap at letting it all out as I cry and can't speak, anyone else like that?

Plan something to look forward to...
The way I see it if you have a horrible week try and do something so not only you can look forward to it, your mind is also distracted from what else is going on. Though with my situation it wasn't great in the slightest, I kept remembering that I now have a house and this made me think that it's all worth it (well, probably not all of it).

This week has been a little better but I hope you enjoyed this post. Hows your week going?


Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Rimmel Volume Shake Mascara // REVIEW

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It's that time again your favourite mascara has run out. The 3-month rule has ended, and my journey begins to test out a new mascara...

I first found this in Boots, and my eyes were drawn to this mascara immediately. I always go for the style of the mascara, and I love it when they give us a glimpse of what it looks like inside by showing us the wand next to the mascara.

When I bought this my hand dropped to the floor nearly with how heavy it was, okay, it's not that heavy but it is pretty bulky, this was due to the shaker system. You can shake this mascara to give it a fresher feel each time and it is free from clumps too.

Now, I struggle with mascaras a lot of the time. My eyelashes are a pain to please. I have had more mascaras that have not worked than ones that do, and once again I had the same problem. Typical.

This mascara did absolutely nothing. I honestly felt disappointed. Not to blow my own trumpet or anything but when I have a good mascara, my eyelashes look LIT. 

Joking ...       I'm not

The above picture doesn't look too bad though the eyelashes were sticking to each other and looked a mess. 

The formula is a very thin liquid, and it took a good few layers to make it look volumised, though shortly after my eyelashes didn't have any volume whatsoever. I love long eyelashes, and this lifts them by only 5%.  I wasn't too sure if it's from shaking it straight away or just because it's not that good. I tried on the first layer, and I just gave myself a stare in the mirror thinking 'not again, Jade', everything that I was doing was not working. After applying for a few more layers, I just had the realisation that this was not working. 

I need to remember to watch reviews before I buy. If you want to see me disappointed in another review please check out the Holika Holika blackhead strip. 

Have you tried this too? Was you pleased or a disappointed like me? 

Please share your thoughts x


Tuesday, 19 June 2018

What I've been watching this week...

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As you all know, I love a good TV show, and recently, I have been watching a few right corkers, and I wanted to share them with you all.

It's back, and it's better than ever okay, I mean it's no last year with Chris and Kem, but it's something to occupy my evenings every night at 9 pm. I loved watching this last year and was so excited for it to be back, not only am I entertained on my TV but I love checking out the memes on Twitter.

So far, I am liking Alex, Dani & Jack. As I said it's not as good as last year but I am glad it's back on.

Keeping up with the theme of reality it's TTTTTT-SHIRRRRRRRT TIMEEEEEEEE.
Harry and I were obsessed with this when it first started as it was our first TV show we binged together and I am so thrilled it's back on. The Situation is my fav, and it's way better than Geordie Shore too.

I honestly have never been so into a show like I have been with Safe. Firstly, what a dime Michael C. Hall is, not only is he a great actor but he does a remarkable British accent (a little sexy too) it's astounding, and if you haven't seen it LOOK AWAY NOW...

But the twist at the ending, man, I was shocked to the core. I was not expecting that, and I thoroughly enjoyed each episode. It's hard to find a reeeaalllly good show and this is THE show you need to watch.

If I could sum up this documentary in one word, it would be WILD. I enjoyed watching this though I don't think I would watch it again. Just for the reason that it scared the bejeezus out of me. Not only do you see a guy be blown up 8 minutes into the show, but the woman is so crazy and scary that I couldn't sleep after watching it.

If you like Making a Murderer and those type of documentaries you'll enjoy this.

Have you been watching these too? or any other shows you've enjoyed at the moment??

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Sunday, 10 June 2018

Motivate Yourself to Work Out

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You plan to get up 6 am to go to the gym on a Monday morning. A fresh start to the week and you feel motivated AF.

Okay, so, you didn't go to the gym, but that's okay because you have many more Monday's to start your work out. To those who can do this though, YOU GO GLEN COCO. I am always motivated to do something, but when the time comes to it, I hate past me for making those plans...and now I have become even lazier.

But not anymore, I've decided I need to up my game and finally stop being so indolent constantly. Now, getting up Monday mornings to exercise is never, and I repeat NEVER going to happen. Do I look like I am going to leave my comfy bed to exercise? No.

With your social life taking over it can be hard to stay motivated, but I have managed to find a few ways to do it, and I wanted to share these with you all.

Set a 
Set realistic goals and each time you work out try and better yourself. You aren't going to be Mo Farah on day 1, but each time you exercise you're going to get better and one day, you could be just as good (well at least try and think that you could be).

Keep yourself
It may sound obvious, but this does help. If you're not hydrated, your body can't perform at it's highest level.

I recently have been trying vit stix as I have seen many people use these before a workout and they really keep me going. They are a vitamin drink which you have with water and they are a great way to keep you energised, hydrated and also stay healthy.

Change it 
Doing the same exercise day in and day out can be tedious, who wants to exercise while they feel the time is dragging away.

Have a plan by writing different exercises down or by doing those '30 day challenges' on Pinterest. You can work on different areas to tone your body and will also have a variety. 

Track your
 Checking your progress can be a way for you to keep going and try harder for when you next work out.

Either checking on how far you have run or taking weekly pictures of yourself to see how much you've toned. I love comparing pictures when you can actually see results happening.

Create a good
Music always gets me in the mood. If you have Spotify or Apple music, make a playlist or look for a workout one to put on in the background.

I hope I've motivated you as much as I've motivated myself. Do you have any other ways to motivate yourself?

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Saturday, 9 June 2018

A Tribute to Rik Mayall

It's been four years since the death of Rik Mayall, and it still doesn't seem real. 

My absolute favourite movie is Drop Dead Fred, I can't remember when I first watched this, but I have seen this around twenty times now and have cried every single time... even more so now. Not only that, Bottom is one of my favourite TV shows ever too.

I love to make people laugh and not take everything so seriously, and I like to think Rik is the main reason because of this. From a young age I have always adored Rik, I remember watching The Wind in the Willows at primary school and was so happy to hear Rik as one of the characters and I have been obsessed with him ever since. Very random but I love watching Family Guy as Stewie Griffin reminds me so much of him. 

Rik was different to many people, he was always himself, and that's what I loved about him. Not only did he play entertaining characters he was a joker in real life too. He had the talent of making people laugh and also being a fantastic actor. 

I miss you, Rik x


Monday, 4 June 2018

This or That Challenge

I was nominated by the lovely Lauren for the 'This and That Challenge'.

I honestly love doing these things I am obsessed with the ones on people's InstaStories so thought I would try this on here.

Shower in the morning or evening?

I prefer having a bath to a shower, and I have them in the evening.

City centre or close to nature?

I have lived in a city my whole life, and before living with my boyfriend, his parent's house is in the countryside to which I love being there as it's so peaceful and away from people and noise.

Bright colours or neutrals?

Neutrals for sure

Spring or autumn?

Autumn is the one for me, the start of cold weather and the excitement of Christmas and my birthing coming. The darker nights and hot chocolates are the best too.

Mint or cinnamon?

I am obsessed with mint at the moment. Mint ice cream with chocolate chips is soo delicious, and I also love the herb mint in lemonade... nommmmm

Planned or spontaneous?

I like to know what I am doing, where I am going and what I will be eating (of course). Spontaneous trips are nice, but there's nothing better when a plan comes together.

A movie at home or at the cinema?

At home is so much better and relaxing plus you can go to the shops and get all the food you want and not be having to spend a fortune.

Espresso or latte?

Neither! I cannot stand coffee or even tea.

Hugs or kisses?

Depends what mood I'm in but a hug is much more relaxing.

Spicy or mild food?

I'm getting better at spicy food but mild food any day.

Leather or lace?

I love leather trousers and have wanted them in forever, but I have always loved those cute lace tops that Khloe Kardashian wears... I say both.

Overdressed or underdressed?


Adventure or comfort?

Adventure if fun, but I am more of a comfort person as I am quite lazy. #noshame

Tv series or movie?

A TV series is where it's at as you can be so invested in a show and it can be a rollercoaster as you can relate to the characters and it's emotional when the show ends.

And by that, I am talking how I felt when watching Safe... what a show!!

Rock or country music?

Rock for sure.

Red or white wine?

Neither. Not a huge drinker but I do love Malibu with coke.

Working alone or in a team?

Both and if any employers wanting to hire me... I am highly experienced in both too ;)

Swimming or sunbathing?

Hmm, probably swimming though I am not a great swimmer.

Fast food or a sit-down restaurant?

I am a food lover, but I choose restaurants any day as it's so exciting looking at what the menu has to offer.

Matched or mismatches socks?

Couldn't care less.

Dancing or singing?

Singing, I cannot dance to save my life... though I can't probably sing to save my life too, I like to think I can.

Phone or the internet?


Hope you enjoyed this post and I will tag those on Twitter.

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