Sunday, 17 February 2019

These Boots Are Made For Being Chunky

Is it me, or is 90s fashion slowly crawling back in? I was obsessed with platform shoes as a kid especially ever since the Spice Girls wore them yet I don't think they will ever make a comeback. Chunky boots on the other hand? You can never have too many.

This week I have been full of cold, while I was feeling sorry for myself I started to binge Russain Doll - I am LOVING this show and also ate a lot of Cadbury Caramel Eggs because let's face it, they're way better than Creme Eggs.

Chunky ankle boots are everything at the moment. They make me almost the same height as most people and more importantly they do not hurt my feet. I feel like I am walking on sponges. Let's ignore the fact that yes, I am wearing odd socks - I blame my cold for not washing and drying my clothes this week. 

They go perfect with skinny jeans or with a statement skirt.


Who else loves 90s fashion?

Needing a comfy coat? Check my previous post.

Sunday, 10 February 2019

The Skirt That I Needed In My Life

Hey guys, How we all? This week we have all been blessed and been given Ariana's fifth album, and I LOVE IT. Bad Idea and 7 Rings are my favourites so far though I think I need to listen to this for the fourth time and it may change...

Now, I am small and went shopping this week and realised that I look ridiculous in those cool cargo trousers - it's a good job I didn't buy them doing online shopping. So I decided that I'll stick to skirts and saw this absolute belter from Topshop. The hardware belted PU mini skirt is what I needed to edge up my outfits. It is a gorgeous piece that goes with pretty much anything. 

From the zips to the belt, this skirt has the right type of definition and is perfect for all weathers and seasons. What I love about this skirt is that you can pull it off with any type of top from a statement shirt, a cosy jumper or plain t-shirt. I went with a grey roll neck thin jumper as the weather, once again was pretty awful yet it also fits well together. 


Do you have a particular type of skirt that you love?


Sunday, 3 February 2019

The Most Comfiest Coat EVER!!

Hey guys, can we all believe that it's February and the weather is only getting colder? I need a holiday asap.

This week we finally got part 1 of Shane Dawson's conspiracy series and my gosh, I am shook. It made me think so much, and I do not trust my iPhone at all now and don't even get me started on those deep fakes, ugh, it's too much to handle. Anyway, I have been receiving a lot of compliments on my coat from people and wanted to do a little post on why I love it and why you so need this coat too. 

My coat collection is a little boring - I always seem to wear the same coat all the time. I decided I need a change up, I am sick of being cold, and need a coat that is super warm. Teddy coats are without a doubt the best thing to happen since sliced bread and no, I am not exaggerating.

The coat feel a little thin but boy oh boy once you put this on you are not going to regret buying this. It has an oversized hood - it may look like a dressing gown but who cares? If Shane Dawson can go to Target in his dressing gown, then I can pull off a coat that looks like one too. At least I hope I do.

This coat is perfect and gives you a reason to go out with your friends in the cold weather or great to chuck on at midnight when you do a cheeky drive-thru through McDonald's.

What's your favourite type of coat?



Sunday, 27 January 2019

Wear Your Craziest Jumper Like There Is No Tomorrow

I bought this jumper for my birthday as firstly, I had barely any jumpers and also, I bloody love cats.

January is here and what feels like it's been here for so long - it's still or if not even more cold AF. I admit that I love the winter weather and what comes with it but when it's January, all I want is a holiday booked and to do some bikini shopping yet right now I am living my life glued to the screen watching Netflix documentary of Ted Bundy.

2019 is about embracing yourself. If you want to put on your boldest eyeshadow, then you do it, if you want that crazy jumper, then I am 100% with you, girl.

The jumper is full of two things - sparkles and a cat. Everything I love and don't expect me to wear it a few times, I will wear this like no tomorrow. 



Thursday, 24 January 2019

A Personalised Cake For Our 8th Year Anniversary | bakerdays

It's 2019! How crazy is it, I'm still processing the fact that 1999 was 20 years ago honestly...where has the time gone?!  Apologies for not posting a lot, I had a little break and will save why for another post. Meanwhile, Harry and I celebrated our anniversary a few weeks ago, and it was our 8th year together. I can’t believe it. We didn't do anything too extreme as we spent last summer travelling around America though we did spend our weekend in our favourite place - Manchester, and once again, it didn't let us down.

As a cake lover, I was thrilled to receive a cake from the superb bakerdays now, not only do they provide tasty cakes from a variety of flavours (traditional sponge, chocolate and even dairy free) it can also fit through your letterbox. You can order a freshly prepared cake with a picture on it, choose a theme and even deliver for an event from baby shows to birthdays. You can buy the cake online with next day delivery to which they deliver to London, Nottingham, Birmingham and many more...

The cake arrived in a box which had a simple yet effective look with their design logo on it, it was easy to open, and there wasn't too much going on with plastic wrapping, as sometimes you can get a tiny item with ridiculous and unnecessary amounts of plastic around it. Once opened, there was a delightful circled tin saying 'Just For You', the tin was adorable, and I would use the tin again after I devoured the cake. Before I even opened the tin, I could smell the aroma of a rich and moist chocolate cake and this immediately made my mouth water. There is nothing better than the smell of oozy gooey chocolate cake.

I wasn't disappointed with the size as I expected it to be the size that it was as it fits through the letterbox, it was perfect. The design I chose was two stick people together holding heart balloons - simple and adorable.

Once the cake was cut a sweet smell of chocolate poured out, and as you can imagine, it was soft and divine. The cake tasted sublime and was shocked at how moist the cake was. One thing I love even more than chocolate cake is icing, though it can be sickening at times I truly believe everything was the right proportion. We had a quarter of the cake, and we loved it that much that we devoured the rest of the cake within 10 minutes. Whoops.

If you're struggling to find an affordable, perfect sized and tasty cake, you NEED to try Baker Days. Pick the cake, sit back and wait then enjoy eating.

*PR sample

Monday, 17 December 2018

How To Not Let Social Media Affect Your Mental Health

Social media can take its toll at times, and I try not to let it affect me. You can get into this vicious cycle of picking up your phone, opening the app, scrolling, putting your phone down and repeat. I wanted to discuss ways to help people that think they're becoming a bit too obsessed with their phones.

I know that I am not an expert yet I am a little addicted to my phone. It's easy to get irritated by certain things, and this can play on your mind. We try to obsess over someone else's life or become too involved on what someone else is doing. It's time to focus on yourself by physically putting the phone away and mentally becoming better a person. 

Remember, It's not everything you see. I find Instagram to be the worst culprit, especially with celebrities. You want to follow people and see what's going on in people's lives, but when you're sat in your pyjamas, wearing no bra and not looking your best, it can make you feel very shitty. I always try to remember that their life isn't perfect 24/7, I find myself on Instagram when I am doing nothing all day, and this can make you insecure thinking 'why aren't I doing that?'. We only see the best bits and why would you want to see their private life? I try not to scroll on Instagram too long as it puts me in a mood.

Clear out your friends list. You're on Facebook and BAM! You're instantly annoyed, why? The person you dislike is all over your page. I always question myself as to why I still have people that were mean to me at school, and sure, they've maybe grown up, but those feelings and hurt are still there. The best way for me was to delete them because why let yourself get upset up from someone who you have not spoken to in for so long still affect your life. Get rid and move on. 

Put your phone away a few hours before you sleep. I can fail this a lot as when I cannot sleep I end up playing Candy Crush. My head can ache, or I'm a lot more tired when I use my phone right before I go to sleep... saying that I do watch TV before I go to bed, but if it's a cosy movie, then I prefer that than scrolling on social media.

Try to minimise going on your phone each day. The worst thing about social media is that it is super addictive. You can get crazily obsessed to your phone and especially now we have the screen time showing us how long you're on the phone, that scared me a lot. Those hours I'm spending on social media, I could be doing something worthwhile. The thing that made me realise that I can be slightly addictive is when I had my phone in my bag, and I kept reaching out on the table thinking my phone was there, I knew from then I had to cut this out.

Do you find social media can affect you in any way?


Tuesday, 11 December 2018

My Top 5 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend songs

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has become my absolute favourite, I have watched this in over a year, and I am so glad that I found this,  I am not a huge fan of musicals, but I am obsessed now. It's a shame the current season is their final ever though I do get where they are going with the show, I will miss this and the fantastic songs they produce each episode. The show is brilliant itself, and I am also obsessed with the soundtrack.

I have been playing the soundtrack out of my car nonstop and wanted to share my top 5 favourites with you all.

Sexy Getting Ready Song. As you would all know, this was from the first episode from season one, and once I saw this song, I instantly knew that this show was for me. It's witty, sexy and shows you what it's like getting ready for us girls - it's not pretty!

FriendTopia. Squad goals or what?! Not only is this a catchy tune, but they have also gone and done a Spice Girls tribute. The only thing that I think would've been better is for Paula to be in this too. I honestly don't think there's been a day where I haven't played this.

I Go To The Zoo. Oh, Nathaniel. I couldn't stand him at first. I wanted Greg back but after he gave us this banger... I think I love him a tiny bit more than Greg (sorry, Greg!) This song just made me love him and made me realise he is a cutie. 

Sex With A Stranger. Not only is the song hilarious, but the video is also iconic. Rachel Bloom is just absolutely comedy gold. I think it's the line 'is that a gun? Oh thank god, it's just your penis' that gets me. Brilliant. 

A Boy Band Made Up of Four Joshes. The song brought back the nostalgic 90's feeling. It's hilarious and very catch. If you see me driving, you will find me singing this song. Out loud. With no shame... but paying attention of course.

Have you seen Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and do you have a favourite song??

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